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Making my way through season 3 now and absolutely loving it. The story of Jimmy Rebel was compelling...


jiggerboo nigger boocolored coonie


black porch monkey brown baboonie


melon muncher, chicken bone sucker


blue back silver back big spear chucker





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Woah, what? It's from the last season?? So... are there going to be anymore or what? I need to do some research.



I am SO fucking retarded. I thought you meant that ep was from last season, and I just realized what you meant now. I'm so dumb.

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'The Boondocks' Revived at HBO Max With 2-Season Order





Aaron McGruder's animated series last aired in 2014 on Adult Swim.

The revival of Aaron McGruder's animated series The Boondocks has found a home at HBO Max.

The WarnerMedia streaming platform has ordered two "reimagined" seasons — 24 episodes in all — of the show.

More to come.


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