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So, I've been thinking alot about movies lately: movies that looked good but sucked, great movies with shitty endings, etc.


I started thinking, specifically, about Hitchiker's Guide. Oh my God, the Horror. I think they did their best to butcher that film, but that's just me.


What do you guys think? are there any movies that just sucked, had potential but collapsed like a flan in a cupboard, or what?

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20 of the worst movies... EVER:


star wars... all of them. period. lol

the italian job

the color purple

baby geniuses

from justin to kelly


the gods must be crazy



elvira mistress of the dark

the wave

king kong


spy kids

starship troopers

bio dome

dungeons and dragons (and theres a sequel too lol)

jaw breaker


the manchurian candidate

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i stand by manchurian, and dumb and dumber...cmon, shit was funny.


i gotta find the old thread for this, but ill add:

the haunting

speed 2

batman & robin (went without saying)

thin red line

wing commander

95% of romantic comedies not featuring zombies in them - yes, ive seen a walk to remember, and simply irresistable, and im that much gayer for having done so.



so many ive repressed, too.



star wars... all of them. period. lol


even the originals? hah.. i guess i should be happy you didnt add serenity here, you awful sci-fi hating woman. :)

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ieven the originals? hah.. i guess i should be happy you didnt add serenity here, you awful sci-fi hating woman.  :pimp:



lol.. i had forgotten about serenity...


i didn't hate it, really... i just didn't think it was great. it wasn't a great stand-alone movie. :rock: maybe ifi ever catch some more firefly i'd get it. lol but i doubt i'll sit through it.

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Ok, now are we talking about bad movies (which have the potential to still be entertaining or enjoyable, despite the fact that they are bad…or sometimes even because they are so bad), or are talking about movies with no redeeming qualities? In which case, I’ll give you: Blues Brothers 2000, Jurassic Park III, Tremors 2 and 3 (I haven’t watched all of these), Cat in the Hat (didn’t want to watch this), Dungeons and Dragons, and Kull the Conqueror.


But Tank Girl, the Gods must be Crazy (the first one, the sequel sucked), Hitchhiker’s Guide (Ford and Arthur were excellently cast), Scream (the first one), The Royal Tenenbaums, Willow, and especially Star Wars (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and The Return of the Jedi. The newest ones sucked) were at the very least enjoyable, if not in some cases, good.

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To each thier own. I liked a lot of the movies you gusy call bad :p

Tank Girl? Royal Tenabaums, The Color Purple (oh wait I thought you meant Purple Rain)?

How about:


Superman III and IV

Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever

Monster (2003) (although it had Christina Ricci, rwarh)


My Left Foot of Fury

anything else that involved ninjas, samurais, or robots in the 80's, especially starring Burt Reynolds

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The Royal Tenenbaums was excellent, I love that movie.

Star Wars was great, the originals, the other ones were meh.

All the other bad movies, I agree with.


Other Bad Movies:


CatWoman (don't even know why I watched it)


Daredevil (so dissappointing)


Elektra (again, don't even know why I watched it)


Miss Congeniality and the second one, which I was forced to watch, and while some parts are laughably funny, it still sucks ass.


The Ninth Gate (thats the name of that one with Johnny Depp right? I couldnt even sit through the whole movie)


The Ladykillers (I saw the previews and thought it would br greta, but it sucked ass)


that's all i can think of right now.

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