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Stay: Thriller. Starring Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts and Ryan Gosling. Directed by Marc Forster. (Rated R. 98 min




* I couldn’t sleep so me and the Mrs.went to see Stay tonight.


What a mistake. I mean Marc Forster’s visuals were stunning and hypnotic, to which was intentional I think in his portrayal of the story of a young man who may be experiencing something which may not be happening at all, except in somebody's feverish mind. His own.


The movie begins with a car wreck on the Brooklyn Bridge, from which Henry escapes. It proceeds to his first session with Sam—where we learn that Henry is obsessed with suicide—and then begins rapidly shuttling from scene to scene, scare to scare.


Death haunts everything. Sam's girlfriend, Lila Culpepper (played by Naomi Watts, the star of David Lynch's more genuinely nightmarish "Mulholland Drive"), is an unsuccessful suicide herself with a grisly back-story. We keep meeting characters—Bob Hoskins as blind chess-master psychiatrist Dr. Leon Patterson, Kate Burton as Henry's mother and Janeane Garofalo as Dr. Beth Levy—whom others insist are either dead or somebody else. People bleed profusely, die or disappear before our eyes.


At one point, one character exclaims that the Buddhists have it right: "The world is an illusion!" and it's a real case of beating a dead horse—which, in this movie, would fit right in.


Meanwhile, suicide imagery keeps piling up, and Sam keeps getting mistaken for Henry. Even the way Ewan wears his suit pants high and wears no socks can be interpreted as Gosling while laying on the ground dying in Ewan’s hands “sees” this while he (McGregor) is hovering over him, and his mind projects this image as such in order to make logical sense – as the human mind tends to do.

Logical order, the film presents not and it can make for a confusing although vividly creative cinematic styled experiance.



1/5 pimps. :pimp:


Stay Away.



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