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Guest Yahve

im so not in a poetic mood, i feel like a lead pipe.. but here goes:


Goal: update forum to  invisionboard .  But I would have to start raising some funds so we can test it out on my server cause while php support is free, mySQL isnt.  Add this to the growing need for raw webspace ( you fuckers write a lot you know  ;)  ) and I need $$


Reason?: Cause we should have the coolest board in existance at all times !!  with hte new board there will be a slew of customization available  (like individual forum skins :sly: )


Solution: Hold a fundraiser for about 60 - 100 dollars to upgrade the board while I search for a cheap and faster server.  I know these are contradictory but I have hope :D


Method A: donate what you can to the paypal link on the front.  All donations will be greatly appreciated.  So far I have been able to manage thanks to the generous donations of our currently M.I.A.  BennySSJ4  I'm broke now so help by donating what you can to DrunkenDeities.


p.s.  IrishCowboy and I are planning a fundraiser support prize when a certain goal is met.  You shall all hear about this in more detail soon enough.


Method B:  see those link im putting up on amazon and barnes n noble.  well check them out !  every purchase supports DD !  ok ok i know you highly probably not going to buy what i recommend.  well thats ok, im just recommending what i like, its up to you to buy whta you want....  




If you buy ANYTHING off of these 2 websites ( more sites to be supported on the way)

- amazon.com

- barnesandnoble.com


please buy them off of my links to them.  You pay NO additional fees and i get a miserable little commision off the link. put lots of little misery together and you know what you get? a little good thing...  :emotions: bah u know whta i mean.


thnx for the help and more lack of intelligable info comming soon here.

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Bah, ya cheap bastards, lemme explain a bit more:

1) Were outta web space, hopin the server folk dont notice yet.

2) The new board would be faster.

3) Individual skins = for instance, go into anime section and see an anime pic in the background, a lush in the bar, philsophers in the lyceum, etc...i think its pretty cool.


Anyway, help out where ya can folks, every lil bit helps.  Again, if you order from Amazon.com or Barns & Noble.com make sure to try to do so from the links ("recommendations") from this site's front page, it'd really help out as well - a small commission for the board, nothin extra from you.


As for the incentive, that's forthcomin - bascially, it starts as bonuses & ends in shame.  For instance, donate somethin like $25, get your own title, no questions asked, even if its "Fuck Irish Cowboy!", bout $50 for your own group, etc.  Extravagant donations end up in things like me or Yahven goin to class in only our boxers or somethin, with digital camera pics supplied.  Again, yes, we are whores who love this board (...doesnt hurt that ive only got 2 classes left till graduation too, heh).


Mind you, none of this goes in any of our pockets, i promise you that.  It's all for board/server fees, and after seein a bit of the new board & hearin how it'd run, it sounds very promisin...so think it over, and drop a buck or two if ya got it...thanks everyone. :D

Give till it hertz.

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Will the new board keep all the old posts? Is it a spray up job and an engine upgrade or is it a new car?



Anyway, I don't have paypal, but I'll send some money, PM me with address and stuff. I'm broke till next weekend though so remind me then... :approve:

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Thanks KOS, good start.  PM me if ya get a chance.

I have Yahven's assurance we wont upgrade if it means losin the old posts, that'd be lame.

SOF - Lush is an olden word one used for a preist/vicar i imagine who uh frequently helped himself to grandpappy's cough syrup, or if were bein religious, they were plentiful with the blood of god.

...they were basically wineos. Just thought it was a funny way of sayin it.  :wineo:

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Oh right, Blood of God, try Buckfast, brewed by Monks, guarenteed to incure memory loss!! You could've just called me a :wineo: i wouldn't have been offended!!


Yeah as soon as i get paid, i'll do a KoS and send it in the post if thats ok, i seem to remember my bank laughing at me when i asked for a credit card!!

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Thanks, SOF, means a lot.

Alright, folks - those of you stoppin by the front page might've noticed the new Drunken Fundraiser Barometer (better name forthcomin), its rather low now 'cause only Yahven has donated (  :plain: ), i'm tossin into the pool after payday this week, hope to see some others when ya get a chance, every little bit will help - cmon, i know youre noticin our terrible loadin speed durin the day, this'll help make it run a lot smoother!

Tell ya what, give a few bucks & uh, ill give you acces (if possible) to:

-the secret "black on asian porn" site, involvin Spiffytee & another unnamed member of this board

-Yahven's old journal, an anthology of virgin shame

-bacchus' home project to portray my giant standup of John Wayne and his life in the kitchen


..you get the idea, ill try to come up with more shameful things in accordance to the donation. Whaddya'll think?

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Uh...yeah, that shouldnt be a probelm, convertin it over here to dollars.  Ill PM you my adress tonite MLB - I'd give Yahven's but he checks his mail bout once a week.  


Yahve - Still waitin on that DD bank account, lemme know.  I can always PayPal it over to ya, how much was it for the new board again?  I honestly cant wait to have this site runnin quicker, im laggin too much at the front page these days.

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Will cold hard cash do? ????

...the only thing better is if you can mail a handjob, SOF. :D

So, uh yes, cash would be great, long as you dont mind mailin $ in the mail - im told its best to put it in between paper or somethin.

Yahven - im donatin tonite, adjust the meter when ya get a chance.  Im really curious to see this new board, the lag here durin weekdays is gettin worse.  :snail:

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Update: SOF & KOS are apparently sendin a hefty chunk of the funds from overseas - not an easy task.  From my angle, much as Benny did before, theyre carryin a lotta dead weight, and we all owe em a big thanks, handjobs & drink at Hondo's for their kindness.  

Also, Jumbie's droppin a bit that is lookin to leave us just shy of our goal....damn all the $'s comin in internationally!

The effects'll show soon enough, as the donation helps put us a lot closer to our goal (dammit Yahven update the meter & post it here or soemthin! ), new forum oughta be really cool.

As for the rest of ya, seriously many of you got real quite real quick...Paypal's easy to use, takes but a minute, can use credit card, bank funds etc, and locals can just drop off what they can over this way.  Honestly, whatever ya got'll help, were just tryin to keep the doors open & make shit run more smoothly.  

Ill give a direct link to a beta of the new forum soon as I get one, from what Yahven's shown me, its purdy...not drastically different, but quite a bit faster.  I just fear havin to redo customization... ???


*Editor's note: I hate that goddamn winkin smiley that shows up whenever you have an exclamation point & parantheses! :D

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*Editor's note: I hate that goddamn winkin smiley that shows up whenever you have an exclamation point & parantheses! :D

Damn straight! A winking smilie is a semi-colon and a closing paratheses, not an exclamation point followed by a closing paratheses. I guess this is yet another thing out of the Admins' hands, huh? Pisses me off. I always have to go back and put a space between the exclamation point and the closing paratheses. You know what would be funn though? If a question mark followed by a closing paratheses were a black eye smilie: ?)


See the swollen eyebrow? Naturally, it would spawn several spin-oofs. There'd also be:


black eye frownie = ?(

black eye screaming = ?O

black eye sorta smiling with a dimple = ?j

black eye smoking the pain off = ?Q

black eye sticking his tongue out (this guy just doesn't learn, does he? ) = ?P

black eye with BIG smile  = ?D

And or course, black eye eating an ass with one cheek bigger than the other = ?B


Where's is all the money going to if not to creating new and better smilies and getting rid of the exclamation point followed by a closing paratheses creating a winkie face?

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Yeah, it's like in Snatch, now you're in his debt! Sent the cash off today, lemme know when you get it, wasn't able to get it insured so it'd ease my worries to know you got it.


Black eye smilies sound cool, ?D makes me think of the Brad Pitt picture on the poster for Fight Club. Mailing handjobs! Haven't seen that in a while, 2track on the PD boards started that one didn't he?!

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Yeah, actually, a whole lotta people got real quite here.  Could still use the help, new board's lookin more interestin by the minute...was askin Yahven to link us to the beta we set up (free version, not complete) but opted to just toss it up in a week or two's time & shut down for a day to customize/ready it, lookin forward to skins, etc and faster loadin times, especially for you modem folk.  

Here's where were at right now, gonna shoot on up when KOS & SOF's donation reaches us - thanks again you two, ill let ya know soon as its here.  Lemme know what else i can do for the pubs, I'm "in your pocket" an alla that. Ill prolly front for Jumbie since he's in Guyana right now, and anythin beyond that would really help - again, our goal is to get this thing up & runnin, but maintenece fees come in every 6 months or so, dont look forward to beggin every time either, so were hopin to clear enough this time to carry for a bit.

Also, the upgrade gives us 2x as much web space, which is great since were over our allotted 50megs right now (shh dont tell), and i really, really dont wanna go through everyone's respective forums & decide what stays and what goes, that's shit.  So in many ways, this upgrade's gonna do a lotta good.  For now, tho, here's where were at:


(formerly an illustration of the bar at around 20%)


Keep it comin folks, Benny bailed us outta the fire single-handedly last time, and its no secret that were whores...dontate what ya can and we'll try to hook you up.  Thanks again all.  :D

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Jeesh, IC, stop whinning and begging for money if all you're gonna do is keep your mailing address from willing doners! Anyway. I'm getting a paycheck on friday. I use up enough hard memory on the server with all my posts I figure. I'll give y'all $10 in exchange for being able to customize my Group and title at will. Is that cool?

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Alright, let the junk mail begin, here's m'adress for the non-locals...

Please send donations to:


Nicholas Watson (TM, patent pending)

10491 SW 15th Lane Apt 1-203

Miami, FL 33174


Since Yahven's funding for thsi thing runs on Paypal, i basically keeps your $ ( :D ) and wire the same amount to him from my account or credit card, he then checks it, adjusts our meter, and were that much closer to the new board, which Yahven believes we'll make in the next week or two.  Just wanted everyone to know the system, i assure you ya aint helpin buy me comics/whores/etc.


$10, eh...that'd really help, thanks.  But Yahven usually cringes at all the new groups & such, he really wanted us to stay uniform....howzabout this: either one or the other, customized group or member title?  Id recommend group m'self so you can keep racing & changing rank, god knows at the end of it you can change your member title, anyway, but its a long way down.  Lemme know.

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