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Someitmes im not sure why i fight chaos at all...

Well, until we get s'more hacks goin, just the beta-tested skin down in la crap shack. Eeyore made Senate but hasnt figured it out yet, and Jack came up with a clever way to work around spoilers, just type:

*SPOILER below (or somethin similar)

and start off the writing with (color=white) except in brackets, and close it off like [/color]. That way, anyone who dont mind havin somethin spoiled for em just clicks & drags their cursor across the text, try it here if ya dont follow:

Ill be damned, Jack had a good idea after all. Bound to happen after a thousand posts or so, atta boy!

Other than that, all quiet on the western front, any more suggestions? Again, hacks & skins are forthcomin, busy gettin ready for the move at the moment.

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Errr...compliments make me nervous....

Like I said, it's not my idea. I got it from Star Wars sites that post spoilers like:


Admiral Ackbar from ROTJ will be revealed in Epi3 to be the love child of Mace Windu and Jar Jar Binks, Mace was the butch, Jar Jar was the bitch


PS, that was an anti-spoiler, not true, was funny IMO. Remember, every ideas been done before, except for the very rare stroke of genius none of us slobs will likely ever come close to being a part of.

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