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Keysi Fighting Method


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This doesnt say too much, yet...


Apparently, this is the art Christian Bale picked up for "Batman Begins", and its supposed to be an interesting amalgam. Here's what i found:


In developing Batman's singular method of hand-to-hand combat and choreographing the film's visceral fight sequences, director Christopher Nolan and fight arranger David Forman (The Last Samurai) were looking to find a style that marries the gritty intensity of street fighting with a disciplined martial arts approach.

"For Batman, everything is about function, it's about the most effective way of doing something," Nolan says, "so we needed a style that is brutal, economical and real."

"We really wanted something that would look as though Bruce Wayne-as-Batman had created his own style of fighting, something that was unique in style and look," Christian Bale elaborates. "A big part of the Batman persona is the aggressive, animalistic way he attacks his enemies. I wanted to show how devastating he is when he charges forward and attacks people, and his resilience in taking blows as well."

The director also wanted the combat to be more jarring and realistic than the graceful, balletic form of fighting that comes from wire work. "We've gotten comfortable seeing fighting portrayed in this graceful, dance-like fashion to the point where the violence loses its threat," he muses. "I wanted to take it back to a grittier place, where you feel the punches a bit more."

The Keysi Fighting Method, also known as Keysi or KFM, is based on a series of tight, controlled, efficient movements. An evolving discipline that was founded only 20 years ago, Keysi is an intuitive, low-grounded fighting method that requires superior leg and upper body strength, with a strong emphasis on mental focus and awareness. Unlike other martial arts developed for sport, KFM lends itself to combat in close quarters and can be applied to fighting in any environment, against multiple attackers from all directions.

"The Keysi Fighting Method is a very intuitive kind of martial art, but also very, very brutal," Bale relates. "It's all about going for the break straightaway. It's quite instinctive and it adapts to many different situations. So it truly looks as though this is Batman's own style that he's come up with."


Thanks to the popularity of UFC, there's been a few mixed martial art dojos around lately, but mostly focusing on grappling, whcih i personally find boring. This sounds interesting though, anyone know more about it?

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''Keysi Fighting Method, also known as Keysi and KFM is a Jeet Kune Do off-shoot martial arts style developed by Justo Dieguez about 20 years ago.''


from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keysi_Fighting_Method


From the different info off the web, it looks like it takes a little from Muy Thai, Judo, and some Aikido elements.


What I did notice is that most of these instructors seem extremely young and typically that's a bad sign . . .

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shit, that was...succinct. Anything else on it, Vagrant? Thanks man, and yeah, youre right about the young sensei's and such, just....when academy's done, was looking to get back into some marital art, and boxing's scarce out this way. I'll check around.

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