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What the Bleep do We Know?

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Been meaning to see this one since last year, got it on Netflix, my psych teacher reccomended it to me




Very well done, it reminded me of the book Sophie's World, also of I heart Huckabees, Sliding Doors, Waking Life, and movies is such genre.


It basicaly follows a main character through several existential dillemas while different philosophers, biologists, phisiologists, etc comment on why we behave we do about certain things. Such as, do we imput with our eyes or our brain? (Studies have shown that they both play about an equal part in initially imputing information). Also, when we love, we're not so much in love with a person as we are with the emotion and feelings it gives us.


Again, it covers basic questions, such as, "what is reality?" "why are we here?" "can we see our future reality in others?", our mind creates our body, and so on.


Overall I think it was solid, interesting, and presented may of these complex ideas in a relatable fashion.

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Jake and I rented this 8 months ago when we were staying in Virginia, but never got the chance to watch it. So it's worth watching then? Not just a movie trying to be confusing? I also heard somewhere, I can't remember, that it was just a religious thing trying to recruit people to their religion, I have no idea, but if you say its good I'll probably rent it again and watch it sometime.

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It's interesting, but sometimes a bit slow, and feels (sometimes) more like a documentary you watch in high school. Not a bad movie by any means, though. I would certainly second HB's recomendation. I've been meaning to watch I Heart Huckabee's; I've seen some of it already, but missed out on finishing the movie. It seemed interesting.

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