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If you are looking for a good martial arts system which is interested in dealing with modern street violence, you might want to take a look at Krav Maga.


The martial art of Krav Maga teaches people to use everyday objects as weapons based on natural reactions of the human body.


Krav Maga was developed by a Hungarian born Jew who was a world class wrestler, boxer, and gymnist (he was a champion in all three). His father was at one point a circus acrobat and self-defense instructor. The founder of Krav Maga traveled around with the circus and learned different wrestling techniques, acrobatics, boxing, and strongman tricks from the people who worked in the circus with his father. His father eventually became a cop and the family settled down in Hungary.


In the 1930's persecution of Jews become widespread. Nazis and other hungarians began attacking the ghettos where the Jews lived so Imi Sde-Or (the founder) decided to fight back. He created gang of other wrestlers, boxers, and weightlifters to protect his people. Jews were not allowed to own weapons so many times Imi jump Nazis (who had guns) unarmed. They would beat the shit out of them and steal their weapons.


Eventually he fled to Palestine and was asked by Ben Gurion to train the fledgling Haganah (the beginnings of the Israeli Defense Forces). He fought with the IDF and headed the training for all the soldiers and the commandos for 20 years. His system is the most battle tested modern fighting system in the world.


In Miami there are quite a few Krav Maga instructors here from Israel, many of whom were not only soldiers, but former commandos (these guys are bad ass fighters). If you are interested in getting back into Martial Arts, you might want to check this one out.

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haha..i give you an art batman used, and you responed with one jennifer lopez used...


Actaully, i didnt really know anything about this one, but was reading what you posted & what's on wikipedia, and it does look really interesting, especially this part:



It is to be noted that, although many techniques of Krav Maga are shared with either Savate/Kickboxing (for the fist- and kick-fighting techniques) or Ju-Jutsu (for the grappling and disarming techniques), the training is quite different. It stresses practice of fighting under worst-case circumstances (against several opponents, back to the wall, when protecting someone else, with one arm unusable, when dizzy, against armed opponents...).


Krav Maga can be used against opponents who are armed, and against multiple opponents. It is also effective in closed areas, such as airplanes. In addition, the fact that there are no rules leads to different reflex mechanisms (protecting one's groin and one's eyes, for instance).


The training emphasizes real-world practicality. There is heavy emphasis placed on stamina and concentration. Training is often undertaken while a speaker system blasts loud music, meant to train the student to ignore extraneous input and focus on causing as much damage as possible. Training might also contain ways to deal with situations which could end in fights. Physical and verbal methods to avoid violence whenever possible are taught.


Nowadays, this martial art is trained world wide. The European federation is headed by Richard Douieb, who teaches Krav Maga in Paris. The World Krav Maga Federation gathers seven European countries and is headed by Thierry Viatour.


In addition to the Israel Defence Forces, several other special forces (for example GIGN, FBI, and SWAT) have already adopted this system for their contact combat.


Impressive - if you could point me in the direction of some of these miami people/dojos/places of practice you were talkin about, Vagrant, id appreciate it.

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I'll ask a couple of friends of mine when I have a chance.


Also, I might be able to put you in touch with one of the best jujitsu instructors in the country who trains one of my former teachers. The guy is a retired Federal Marshall and he teaches only those he wants to no. He doesn't except money for teaching and only trains a few people. He use to teach in NY city as well, but I think I did that for cash.


Mike (my former teacher) has also told me some interesting hoodoo stories about this guy and just general wierd shit that this guy is associated with. Halloween spooky.


Let me know if you want me to train to arrange it when the time is right since it will take a bit of time and effort on my part to make it happen.

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Shit, that's really awesome, man. Id definitley hold off until a few weeks when im done with class, plus id have to look more into jujitsu....never taken any, and id have to see if it had the pragmatic appeal your krav maga seems to.


Anything you can say about the art, or his style? If you got a chance, dont hesitate to post the stories either...its just you & me here.

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One quick Hoodoo blurb, Michael, my former claims he has seen the guy place his hands over a deck cards (without touching them) and move off the top of the deck in a semi-orderly fashion.


I got better stories . . . When I have a chance I'll post. Been mad busy traying to get HWH (the nonprofit) off the ground. I still get work on the business model and then work on writing a few grants.

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Hey, Vagrant -


found a few places from google, dont know if any of them are ones where you know anybody, but...theyre all a bit far.


Krav Maga of Miami

15516 NW 77th CT, Hialeah, FL

(305) 558-7252


Krav Maga of Miami

6800 NW 169th St, Hi


Idol's Gym

5556 NE 4th CT, Miami, FL

(305) 751-7591


Idol's Gym - Rooftop Studio

715 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL

(305) 532-2595


any ideas/other places? i graduate soon, and should have more time for stuff like this. Plus, LL's interested too.

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I found a certified Krav Maga/F.I.G.H.T. instructor in my area that's teaching. Right afterwards is a brazilian ju-jitsu class, so I'm going to try'em both and see how it goes.


I did traditional japanese ju-jitsu for a couple of years when I lived in Oregon before I moved to Miami and switched to Kung Fu. I'm curious to see if there is much of a difference.

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I just got out of the Krav class and I thought it was excellent. It's certainly different than anything I've done before.


Most of the martial arts I've trained in focus on controlling your opponent(s).


Krav isn't about controlling the other guy, it's about destroying them. It's such an intuitive system that a novice could easily gain complete proficiency in 3-6 months practicing 2-3 days a week for an hour each session. It's a great workout as well.

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see, that's what i was hoping for from it, as well. I picked up this book right here:




which seems like a good intro to the art & its philosophy (not advanced stuff like dealing with weapons) but there's not much technique you can pick up from a book. I called around, found about 3 or 4 places (mostly by the beach) that taught it, but all wanted roughly $90+ a month or something ridiculous like that, no way i can manage that shit. Its a shame, cause im very intersted right now with the training im doing for fire. I just started doing boxing training on my own here again recently, too.


If you got a cheaper way, or know a guy that's down to teach, lemme know Vagrant. Glad to hear its going well for you tho, man.

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1) not much at all, to be honest - my gym here's only $15/month, and i cant do much heavier than that. i know it sad, but till we move again in august, my rent's like $100/month more than it used to be, so im strugglin.


2) yeah, id be down, depending on the art - the jujitsu you were saying your guy taught sounded alright too. krav maga sounds ideal right now, but i know its outta my price range, sadly.

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