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Do we really need this? Honestly maybe if I heard this before "Wolverine: The End" I would've had more faith in Jenkins.


I know this is just Marvel looking for a way to make the characters more accesable to those who've not read the books but have seen the movies, but what is a series of "re-imagingings" gonna do?


Sure the X-Book may be closer to the movie but then what? After picking it up a random will read an issue of Uncanny and be confused as fuck. I can't see the good of this. If they were launching new series' from them, maybe, but I fear Ultimate-lite.


The art looks cool from what they showed, which admitedly isn't very much. I love the whole "Well, Marvels was painted and a whole lotta non-comic folk picked that one up so maybe if we paint this one too" thing...not that that's what they're doing....and havn't attempted to do in the past, after Busiek and Ross. :D


It could be good though. I feel like a whiney newsarama bitch now....

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