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So, ive got Cap'ns Season 2 of the show over here, and its great shit...i cant believe the people this guy gets to interview, much less them answering.


Was there a thread for this? i cant find the damn thing...anyway, just wanted to see who else's seen the show or movie, and what they thought...if there's enough fans, id start a poll to see which character was the favorite, tho i cant imagine not voting for Borat.




"throw the jew into the well"

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Haha, if there wasn;t a topic, there should be.


Borat - In Kazikstan...

Protestor 1 - You kill bears!

Borat - Yes. Kill them.

Protestor 1 - He kills bears!

Protestor 2 - You kill bears! That's evil

Borat - No. In Kazakhstan we shoot animal. We do not hunt the fox.

Protestor 2 - Well you shouldn't be talking to us because we love animals.

Borat - We love animal too.

Protestor 1 - So why do you shoot them?

Borat - For fun.



Ali : Wot is it the language that they speak 'ere?

Sue : Gaelic.

Ali : GAY-LICK? What is that botty language or somfin, what is the real name of it?

Ali : What is the vibe with drugs in Ireland? It might be stereotyping or whatever man but I is heard that the Irish is always up for the


Sue : No, no. Crack in Ireland means having a good time.

Ali : A'ight, for real but crack is a bad drug there is a high but also a low.

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haha....my favorite Borat line so far is "they say, borat, this camel...he no ah-make sexy-time explosion."


MLB, you seen the movie? Any good? Also, how far along is the show? Like i said, i just got season 2 here on DVD, just finishing up the extras....some good ones too, between Andy Rooney, Chomsky & this republican convention where Borat just offered to "make romance inside of you" to some woman.

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To be honest the film didn't do too much for me, but I'd seen so much Ali G up to that point; maybe been a little over-saturated and now should give it another try.


That stuff you mention on series 2, IC, I don't think I've seen apart from the Chomsky interview. I know that Borat did a guide to Britain, which I saw all of. Not sure I've seen much of the guide to USA though. Will have to see if Blockbuster has some of that.

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