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I jipped this from a Myspace Bulletin, but I thought we could have some fun with it here! This is a smaller version of the original picture. To view a larger one, CLICK HERE.




OK! The object of the game is to spot the references to the 75 bands referenced in the picture. Go!


The bands we have so far as of 12/3/05 @ 8:12am CST:


1. Smashing Pumpkins

2. Guns and Roses

3. Scissor Sisters

4. Gorillaz

5. Postal Service

6. White Zombie

7. Dead Kennedys

8. Black Flag

9. The Pixies

10. the Eagles

11. Matchbox 20

12. White Snake

13. Radiohead

14. Led Zeppelin

15. Alice in Chains

16. Blur

17. Green Day

18. The Jets

19. Spoon

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22. the rolling stones



... they look like they are spinning (rolling)


not sure here... but the guys in suits walking (like the blues brothers....)


Blues travelers?


also melon with sunglasses



melon head?



hmm, maybe ruby is right and its blind melon not melon head :P


I see surfers... but all I can think of is butthole surfers...



and a big ass spoon

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If you want to play the official game, it's Right here


The picture's actually got more content in it on the official site, and there's only 74 bands.


awesome! thanks for the link


I had jipped the picture/game from a myspace bulletin, so I didn't know where it came from originally (well other than it was Virgin lol).

The picture is cool as shit though! Really creative and artistic minds out there




another band found:

Pet Shop Boys

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