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This one's hard to keep track of so sorry if there's any duplicates, here's mine.


Lemonheads, on the fruit stall next to the guy smashing pumpkins.


Theres two contortionists just below the pedestrian crossing, Twisted Sister?


Radiohead, crossing the road.


The Eagles, flying in the top right hand corner.

And sitting on a sign just below them are some Black Crowes


Two dudes with surf boards, the beach boys?


Haha, on closer inspection most of mine were found already.

But I'm sure that's a puddle of mud above the pedestrian crossing.

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Yay, there's a new quiz up! It's the same idea, but it's in a video, and we're trying to guess song names.




My answers are below, you should really look at the video first, since there's a lot fewer to guess.


Spoiler tags removed, because the don't work. Scroll down real quick if you don't want to see my answers.

I Shot The Sheriff

Message in a Bottle

Surfin' Bird

Brick in the Wall.

God Save the Queen

Video Killed the Radio Star

Police and Thieves ( The Clash I'm not sure if it was released as a single, if not it might be something else )


I'm going to stop now, since this one's a lot easier than the last one and I think I've named what must be half of them by now.

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Alright, some more.


7 Nation Army, look at the flag at the front, pause it if you have to.


Right at the end a dude Paints It Black.




Oh and was that Dancing Queen about to be killed by something Like A Rolling Stone

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