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Seems like everyone has started their own "Ask me anything" threads, and I have yet to catch on, so I thought I would start off with one of my own. Feel free to ask me anything. I am especially privy to sci-fi, geography, and video game questions, but throw anything my way and I'll do my best to answer you ASAP. :mumble:

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What type of video game systems you own? Do PC games too? If you do whats your rig? Why are you so great? How can my kids be more like you?


lol :p

I own several. I still have my original 8-bit NES system, which still works! I also have a 16-bit Super NES, and a Playstation 2. I also have Emulators on my PC which allow me to play NES and SNES games. Yes I play PC games, but not really online (like Everquest etc), maybe once I get broadband, who knows.

How can your kids be more like me? Hmmm hard to say, I'll get back to you on that one. :mumble:


Star Trek or Star Wars?

Both, hard to pick betwen the two, love them both! :love:


Ever read Anne McCaffrey?

Who? :fuming:


Do you have any pets?

Yes, I have a poodle named Pupsie, and unofficially have a siamese cat.


Do you enjoy your job?

Yes I love it. It can be hectic at times, but it allows me to chill and spend time on the computer most of the time.


What's your favorite type of junk food?

Hard to say. Probably a close tie between hamburgers and pizza.

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What kind of books do you read?


What's your favorite NES game? Favorite SNES game?


If you could be an inanimate object what would you be?


What's your favorite word or words?


What's your worst habit?


When did you lose your virginity? too personal a question?


Have you ever tried illegal substances? what was it?


Are you liberal or conservative?


What do you think your best Halloween costume was?


Mustard or Ketchup or Catsup?


What's the hardest thing you're ever done?

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lol Pupsie!


Actually there's a funny story behind her name. When we first got her as a puppy, we had a hard time deciding what to name her, and during that time, we called her 'Pupsie' as a sort of interim name, but then after all that time, it just kinda stuck. :yup:


Man you have a NES running? How many people can say that! have you seen the NES beltbuckle?? have you???!?!


Yeah got it back in 1987 or 1988 and it STILL WORKS! Granted you got to put in the cartridges carefully, but it still works.


What kind of books do you read?


Mostly sci-fi and fantasy. I love books from the Star Trek series


What's your favorite NES game? Favorite SNES game?


NES game would have to be Destiny of an Emperor, and SNES game would be Final Fantasy's 5 and 6.


If you could be an inanimate object what would you be?


A computer. It's the only inanimate that seems to have the most life in it.


What's your favorite word or words?


Probably the cuss words. *LOL*


What's your worst habit?


Sometimes I tend to bite my nails. Thankfully I don't smoke, or do drugs, and VERY RARELY drink.


When did you lose your virginity? too personal a question?


Uhhh... I'll get back to you on that one...


Have you ever tried illegal substances? what was it?


Never have, never will.


Are you liberal or conservative?


Hard to say. I am liberal in some views, but conservative in others.


What do you think your best Halloween costume was?


Probably one year when I dressed as Zorro.


Mustard or Ketchup or Catsup?


Neither, I prefer mayonnaise. :2T:


What's the hardest thing you're ever done?


School, and I am glad that's all over!!!

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Whats your favourite time of the day?

Probably would have to say mornings. I am an early riser, and most people are still asleep, so I have all that time to myself to do whatever you want.


What do you do in your spare time?

All sorts of things, it really depends on who I am with, where I am at the time, and what I feel like doing. Most of the time relax and recover from the long work week, but I do go out on occasion too.


What kind of music do you listen to?

A little bit of everything except hip-hop and heavy metal, but mostly I am definitely into 80s, and dance, techno, and trance.


When is the last time you cooked?

This morning, made myself some breakfast (a grilled cheese sandwich with cuban bread)


The greatest question of all:



Why you ask? Because! :ohface:

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Best part about your job?

Best part of my job is the fact that a good portion of the time I can sit in front of the computer and chat, play games, or post on this great forum! Also my job isn't as demanding as most people think (well some of the time maybe).


What music/movies are ya fave?

Music, my favorite would have to be anything from 2 Unlimited.

Movies, probably all the Star Trek, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings movies.


Anymore Babo pics?

Actually there's several pics that I didn't get a chance to post the first time around. Some were still in my sister's digital camera at the time, and the others I couldn't upload them properly for some reason. I should have those up by next week hopefully. I wish I still had Babo though, cuz my family and I are going on a rather impromptu trip to Orlando this Thursday and Friday, and I could've had him in some cool Universal pics. Oh well maybe next time.


How big of an RPG/FF fan are ya?

A VERY BIG RPG fan indeed! And I absolutely LOVE the FF series! :)

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Xbox or PS2?

Definitely PS2! Actually waiting on PS3 when it comes out sometime this Spring. Might even save for it so I can have it before Christmas next year.


Prodigy or Chemical Brothers?

If you mean the music groups, I guess Prodigy cuz I never heard Chem Bros.


Hot Dog or Burger?

Both, how about a Hot Dog AND a Burger? :2T:


Do you think the PSP is worth buying?

Not sure, maybe if I know someone who buys one and I try it and like it, I might buy it myself.


Who is your fave LOTR character, and why?

I'd have to say Gimli. He's so funny in the movie and I love his costume.


and finally, are you planning to murder me in my sleep to steal my lovely girl nanno :embarassed: ??

Uhhh.... ummm.... :)

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Did you have a good christmas?

It was quite possibly one of the best christmases we had in years.


Was Santa good to you?

He was allright. I really wanted an iPod for christmas, but couldn't afford it, but I got some pretty good gifts anyways.


What did you get?

Several DVDs and Playstation games. Also we got a trip to Orlando out of the deal too.


What didn't you get that you wanted?

Nanno... LOL


J/k seriously, as I mentioned earlier, I really wanted an iPod, but it was too expensive and our bills were too high, so I had to do without it for now.

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I knew it!!!


In the words of The Darkness - Get your hands offa my woman!!!

Guess you failed to noticed the J/K at the end of that message. :howyoudoin:



Do you like sports?

Yeah I actually like to watch basketball, football, NASCAR racing, and even a bit of footie from time to time.


Metal Gear Solid or Splinter Cell?

Never played either, but my bro-in-law has MGS so I might get a chance to try it from time to time.

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Oops, sorry Nanno, didn't see them. Was responding to the thread in a hurry so I didn't get to fully skim through them. :howyoudoin:


What are your plans for New Years?

Guess since New Year's already came and went, I am a bit late in answering *LOL*

Anyways, New Years Eve is a double-whammy for us, because not only is it New Years Eve, but also my bro-in-law's (Arc) b-day. We basically had a party at their place, complete with chinese takeout. Then at midnight we stood outside on the balcony and watch everyone shoot up fireworks. So many people were doing it, it almost looked like a professional show. For New Years Day, I went to the movies and saw The Producers. It was pretty funny and I strongly recommend it.


What is your fav food?

What is your fav drink?

Didn't someone ask this already? *LOL*


My favorite food homemade is anything Cuban and Dutch/Indonesian, particular favorites include Satay Ayam w/ Fried Yucca, and Cuban-style steak topped with fried onions with rice and black beans.


My favorite take out/eat out foods include chinese, italian, pizza, and burgers w/ fries.


Drinks, I drink almost anything, but if you meant those "potent potables", then some of my favorites include Skyy Blue, Mike's Hard Lemonade, and every once in a blue moon, Margaritas and Long Island Iced Teas.


Do you read? what books?

Yes I read. Mostly Star Trek and Star Wars novels, but I also loved the Lord of the Rings books, even long before the movies came out.


What do you do in your spare time?

All sorts of things, but mostly go to the movies, play video games, watch tv/dvds, read, spend time with friends, chat online, and play games.


What makes you mad?

Stupid people, and people who walk around acting like they are superior to everyone else.

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What are your new years resolutions?

I usually don't make 'em cuz I always end up breaking them :???:

But I guess a few of the main ones are:


1. Start going to the gym more

2. Save more money so I can go on vacations more often

3. Help my mom find a new job

4. Try to get our own place


Are you into any sports?

Scroll up (or back one page if needs be), your dearly beloved already asked this one and I answered :2T:


If you could visit any country which one would it be and why?

Several countries actually:


1. Australia - always wanted to see the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge

2. Ireland - for obvious reasons :howyoudoin:

3. Canada - always wanted to see Niagara falls and the CN Tower

4. Asia - looks so cool from a technology point of view


Do you smoke?

Oh hell no! Never will either! :gross:


What is your earliest childhood memory?

Earliest I can recall is chasing after my sister for toys she would steal from me.


Did you ever pick on anyone?

Nope not the bullying type.

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