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hey, good thread.


hmm...any old Wu-Tang, Redman's "Ill be dat!", that Shakira "Wherever, Whenever" featured in Def's avatar, Rage Against the Machine's "Sleep now in the fire", few others i cant recall at the moment...oh yaeh, Cash's "Hurt" was pretty good too, damn sad.


All of which get trumped by the majority of Micheal Jackson's videos.

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Rammstein's latest music video, "Mann Gegen Mann" Premiered in Germany on MTV's Rockzone February 1st, Wednesday. While some of you will not like it at all, I highly recommened you at least watch it! Of course it's a bit 'Gay-ah' (aha. mmm) I know that someone other than Dowe and I are bound to enjoy it!. And yes, Till's hair is shocking, but just sit it out until the end haha.

cough cough. fwap fwap. :muggin:


Watch the video now on Youtube.com!

(the quality on Youtube isn't great, but it's better than nothing :D:D)




Download it now from YSI!

(Hopefully the link will work).


And now for some screen caps...(in no particular order).




















Release: March 2006


Mann gegen Mann – (3:51)

Mann gegen Mann – Popular Music Mix by Vince Clarke – (4:06)

Mann gegen Mann – Musensohn Remix by Sven Helbig – (3:12)

Ich Will – Live (Video) at Festival de Nimes – (4:02)

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Here you go, Cibo Matto - Sugar Water, one of Gondry's best, the Gondry DVD that came out is highly recommended, it shows how he planned it but it's still quite the headfuck.


Some other great Gondry vids:


The classic Foo Fighters - Everlong, still one of my favourite videos ever. Gondry's new movie The Science of Sleep is supposed to expand on the idea so I can't wait.


Daft Punk - Around the World, kinda subliminally good, the secret being that each group of dancers are a different instrument track (guitar track = skeleton, tall guys = bassline, etc).


Kylie Minogue - Come Into My World, amazingly again this is all one take with all the characters moves worked out.


Damnit though, YouTube doesn't have any Oui Oui vids, Les Cailloux's class.

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