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I remember back before the Phantom Menace came out, Lucas was talking about how the prequels would give audiences a true appreciation of how Jedi used their powers in combat. He pointed out that Luke had been inexperienced, Yoda, the emperor and Obiwan had been old and Vader had been more machine than man.


Now we ere gonna get to see Jedi in their prime...


I was so eager. Of course, the senile old coot failed to deliver.


I mean I was shocked and awed when vader started ripping shit off the walls in Empire and started throwing it at luke with his mind. I was readiy to see that shit in a duel.


THey missed lots of oportunities:


--The Telekenisis thing I just mentioned. I expected Jedi to be using their environment a lot more. Remember how cool it was when Magneto took the cops guns and pointed them at their owners? That's something I should have seen Jedi doing. I mean I saw them knock over a few droids in one scene, but honestly, Jackie Chan throws more stuff in a fight than a prequel Jedi...


And Yoda! He can hold that big ass piece of construction metal off of Anakin and Obiwan in AotC but he cant levitate his own goddamned puppet sized self when he falls in his duel with the emperor in RotS? For that matter why didn't any jedi levitate or even fly? Certainly Telekenesis allows that?


Jean Grey does it all the time.


And I would have wanted to see Jedi opening locked doors with their minds.


Plus If mortal combat can show spinal ripping I dont see why Jedi couldn't have stopped a few hearts beating or pulled a ribcage or two apart.


--Mind control.. Big missed opportunity. Get the enemy troops to shoot each other or at their commander or to freeze up or shit their pants or something!


I mean the only time they used the jedi mind control was to try and buy cheap spare parts from the insect guy and it failed!







I'm sure you guys can think of more...


Just to be fair - he did deliver on the acrobatics part of the jedi powers...

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First of all, the telekinesis...you did watch the fight between Yoda and Palpatine, right? I'm not so sure you can get a more telekinetic fight than that. I don't know why none of them levitated, but judging from Yoda's face it looks like it takes a lot of concentration to catch something that's falling through the air and I'm sure, even for the master Jedi, it takes an impossible amount of concentration to catch yourself falling through the air. As for mind control, I've always thought that Jedi mind control just worked with suggestion. You can suggest (to the weakminded) that those spaceship parts should be cheaper, or that these aren't the droids you're looking for, but I don't know if they can flat-out make somebody do something contrary to their nature like, say, shooting a comrade.

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...does this really belong in movies...?


yeah, to really fanboy this up: jedis and marvl U are pretty far apart, power-wise.


You mentioned Jean Grey: when she was going Phoenix again in New X-Men, she was approaching beyond Omega level, osmething X-Man (Cable from Age of Apocalypse, basically) only did before. He was able to temporarily stop time, for chrissake.

Telepathically, he could do ridiculous shit like pull someone physically through the astral plane. Jean, she got to a point where Xavier could have her telekenetically pick up, say, a fork, right? Then, while she held it in midair, he could touch the end of it, and if she really foucused, she could atcually feel his puls through the fork, with her mind. Cant remember what they called it, but it was insane.


Personally, as bushi, i think jedis are accomplished enough not cutting off their goddamn limbs withi those things by accident. Shit, it wasnt till ep 3 i was reminded how many limbs those things do severe.

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