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"Three backpackers head to a Slovakian city that promises to meet their hedonistic expectations, with no idea of the hell that awaits them. "


La Lindsay saw this one yesterday, been going on about it since....supposd to be pretty brutal. She mentioned an uncut film fest version that had people leaving, some not feeling so well & needing care themselves. I believe she mentioned upwards of 100 gallons of fake blood...so yeah, im expecting some rather rough torture scenes.


One reivew from IMDB:


This is what horror is all about.


Not your music video, hip-hop editing, glossy, PG-13 flavor of the week popcorn BS. This IS hardcore.


If you want to see a horror movie that doesn't look away, that stays in the room long after every other movie has squirmed to some other reassuring shot- then you need to watch this movie.


Eli Roth shows that he's not a one off- he's a true innovator, the future of the genre, and I hope he inspires many others in reviving Horror from the Kevin Williamson-esquire lull (which was good in the beginning) back down to the depths of visceral balls-to-the-wall hell ride it should be (not a Disney theme park ride).


You know there's hope when Tarantino is the Exec producer! Watch this movie Pre-neutered (un cut!) if you can. My real fear now, is that the censors will cut this movie down to the opening half hour.


Im interested. Anyone else seen it?

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I heard an interview with Roth and I was disgusted. His inspiration for the movie was a website that was supposedly video footage from a place in Thailand where tourists can pay $10,000 to shoot someone to death to either get off on killing or just see what it feels like.


I have no desire to see this movie, it sounds simply awful.

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the first 30-45 minutes of the movie is basically T&A and sex. Then there's torture stuff that made me a little grossed out which is relatively hard to do. weirdly enough, it wasn't actually a really large part of the movie and they don't show as much as i thought they would (which i was surprisingly a little relieved about). then about the last 20 minutes or so had more of a cabin fever feel to the movie (kind of campy and making fun of itself...especially the "bubble gum gang"). the movie was really really uneven. buuuuuut, i think the thing that my friends and i were so freaked out about was that not only could this kind of shit happen, but it probably does happen, in some form, somewhere in the world. one of my friends reminded us that american businessmen will go overseas to have sex with children for money. there was also a german cannibal who was arrested for murder a couple years back who put up an online ad looking for people to kill and eat...and a few hundred people actually responded. there are all kinds of sick depraved people out there so i don't see that this as an impossible scenario. anywho, yes, eli roth got the story from a website (which harry knowles from aintitcoolnews.com showed him) where people could pay money to murder and torture people. he said though that he really hoped that the website was fake. anyway, i really liked this movie. even with alllllll of it's flaws.

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yeah, i remember when that got on the news, i wasn't sure how it could be considered murder if the people volunteered themselves. but anyway, another thing i liked about the movie is that they had a sneaker pimps song (my favorite one actually) in it. i mean, it doesn't fit the scene at all but i don't care.

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Sorry I'm full of useless Rammstein Info, lol (I'm.. I'm a bit obsessed, you see...).


I haven't seen it, but Cj said he liked it. Cabin fever had it's high points, and it sure as hell had it's low. I wouldn't mind renting this, but I don't feel like going out and spending movie theater monies on it.

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Damn, a lotta folks crap on things they dont watch, that's a shame.


LL's review was pretty spot-on (the part that was an actual review). Im not sure why Roth is being blown up by some as the next big thing in horror, but one review i read also got it right for me: by leaving the camera around a few minutes past when other movies'd comfortably switched scenes, he's reminding you what real horror movies are supposed to be like: not simply wes-craven popup shit in the "I know what you did" movie this season, which comes off as more of a ride, but things that make you avert your eyes and possibly not sleep well that night, like the asian horror ones are doing lately.


Its also quite sadistic, the joy you (the audience) in turn get at certain points as well. I dug it.

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Noah Belson, Co-Creater (w/Eli Roth) of The Rotten Fruit had this to say:


Okay, I saw Eli's new movie "Hostel" the other night.


It's very very disturbing.


I really wish I hadn't taken a date because there goes pretty much any chance I had of going out with her again.


I've never seen a girl look at the floor during an entire movie before.


In any case the movie is really damn good and I heartily encourage all fruit fans to check it out when it's released next month. If you like horror movies, Hostel basically raises the bar in a disturbingly wonderful way.


Just don't bring someone there on a first date.


Bad idea on my part, one in a long line of bad ideas when it comes to girls.


Ah well.



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Passing out's going too far, but i wasnt surprised by folks leaving. this one had the most graphic torture scenes ive seen since...Audition.

The reason i wasnt dissapointed was cause that's what i came for, and that's what i saw.

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Speaking of Audition hows about Miike playing himself? Great fucking cameo.


The passing out thing...meh...I was living in Cali when 28 Days Later came out (a long time after I had seen it in Ireland) and there were tales of passing out galore for that one. I kinda thought it was all part of the hype machine, then I was at the movies getting something at the concession stand when I saw 2 groups of people leaving mid-film all shook up.


This shit has been happening since Karloff.


Personally I fainted three times during the american version of Fever Pitch. DAMN YOU JIMMY FALLON!

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There were two parts in 28 days that were masterpiece material though:

When he first walks into the church full of corpses and the two psychotic zombies just look up at him but don't shift.

And obviously the brutal scene where Cillian Murphy grounds that commanders eyes into the back of his skull, liked that part.

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What's the word on the DVD?


Worth getting?


LL, IC, 2T? ...anyone?


I figure maybe FDB will dig this being a horror buff as well...




not only could this kind of shit happen, but it probably does happen, in some form, somewhere in the world. one of my friends reminded us that american businessmen will go overseas to have sex with children for money. there was also a german cannibal who was arrested for murder a couple years back who put up an online ad looking for people to kill and eat...and a few hundred people actually responded. there are all kinds of sick depraved people out






Back the train up... you can't be prosecuted for that overseas?


Jeeshes, that's fuckin' sickness right there. :ifyouknowwhatimean:

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Against better judgement, I bought this DVD without seeing it in the theatre/renting it first.


Here are my thoughts...


Now, I love horror and suspense films.


In fact, past favorite films, like Se7en and Saw, make me love this genre.


I am disapointed in something though.


The packaging.


Sony's tag-line on this DVD is "More sick and twisted than in Theatres...Witness the torture."




And they wonder why kids disect puppies from the neighborhood or why teens are cutting up and raping girls down by the quarry at night.


Shame on Sony. Marketing strategy or not. :muggin:


But that is a topic for another thread and before I go on a tirade, back to the matter at hand...




A Legal Snuff Film in Sheep's Clothing





The Movie-


I actually read/saw this online-

Said a theater representative: "We aim to keep our kids safe. That's why we're cancelling Brokeback Mountain and playing King Kong, Memoirs of a Geisha, Munich, and Hostel. Because our kids need less love between men and more cruelty to animals, subjugation of women, cold blooded murder, drug-laced sex romps, and gratuitous sadism. God bless the family!"


This makes no Fucking sense whatsoever.... :blink:


Speaking of Hostel, is it possible that this is one of the most mediocre movies of 2006? Can it?


Why yes! Yes, it is! :ohface:


Hostel is "presented" by Quentin Tarantino, which means Quentin used his name to help dupe unwary movie-going chumps by holding this film at a distasteful arm's length the way one normally holds a particularly vile bag of trash, which is not far off the mark. "I was going to simply crap in a film can," said Quentin, "but Lions Gate already had that, and it was called Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood."


The multi-national cast is comprised of unknown names spelled with letters that don't belong together unless those letters spell "cheap."


Yes, Hostel is filmed on a budget that couldn't buy one of Nicole Richie's twig-like arms. It was shot in the Czech Republic, a place where a buck will buy you an ocean view villa - if only you didn't have to cross several sovereign nations and a couple thousand miles to find an ocean.


This movie holds the record for the most languages in an American movie without subtitles. Surprisingly, not understanding a word some characters say doesn't steal from the experience at all - the language of topless is universal.


The women in Hostel come in three flavors:


Variety A: Is putting her clothes on :???:


Variety B: Is taking her clothes off :)


Variety C: Revels in the absence of clothes and wouldn't think of interrupting her busy day to bother with them :blink:


The fun starts in Amsterdam where hookers perform in blue-lit windows: "This is one kind of blue-light special I never found in the Jaclyn Smith department at K-Mart," said the next best thing to a star, Jay Hernandez.


Jay, the Lorenzo Lamas of the Frat pack, and his buddies are backpacking across war-torn Eastern Europe in search of sex - because wherever you find genocide and human misery, a throng of American college students looking to get laid can't be far behind.


Fortunately, every young lass in Slovakia is beautiful and greets our heroes with open arms and open everything else. These girls are evidently cast for their ability to strip syllables from dialogue as well as clothes from bodies. The cliché "...how you say..." occurs often enough to sponsor its own drinking game. :2T:


But then the trouble begins.


These girls, you see, are paid to lure hapless young people into becoming victims of sadistic torture, much like Lions Gate is doing to the audience.


Jay gets trapped in a human slaughterhouse, where the meat is all grade A beefcake. It's a summer camp for sadists. Tomorrowland, Frontierland, meet Dismemberland.


People get their heads lopped off, they get drilled in the knee, they get their Achilles heel sliced, their fingers snipped, their necks tickled, their noses picked, their Brazilians waxed, their pores dilated, and their colons cleansed.


I don't know about you, but If I want to visit a sadistic torture chamber I'll drop in at the DMV.


For a "horror" movie, there is not one second of scares. "Revulsion," not "horror," is the goal here.


Case and point: Jay discovers a victimized girl whose eye is left dangling out of her head. And guess what she wants? She wants him to cut it off! It ain't a hangnail, sweetheart!


"I don't want my eye dangling," she said. "Dangling doesn't go with my outfit at all."




"Why not tie it over your head and use it as a periscope," Jay helpfully offered. "Then you could see trouble coming before everyone else - If I had that skill I never would have taken this gig in the first place."


This movie is said to be inspired by a true story, specifically the story of how writer/director Eli Roth needs to eat and how Lions Gate needs to solidify its reputation as the premier provider of genre films that are best enjoyed after a big-ass blunt.


Said a Lions Gate spokesperson: "It's a movie for young men who can't get laid about young men who do get laid but get murdered because of it."


That'll teach 'em.



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The DVD-


Nothing like three horny Yankee duders backpacking across Europe find themselves in big trouble when they accept a hook up to a slut haven Hostel in some Slovakian city. They wind up getting more than just a slice of hair pie as it gets “Sunday Bloody Sunday”.




Hostel is what I like to call a heterosexuals' horror fan's macabre wet dream. You dig hot broads? So does Roth and he communicated that love by filling the screen with them left, right, diagonally, center and oblique (whatever that means). You boogie to vicious brutality, suspense and the red-wet stuff? BINGO! Roth delivered hardcore in that department too! Roth is such a mediocre director and it shows overall... the film took a tad too long to get to the point. Witnessing hot dames and horny teen laced parties are kool and all but it got a bit redundant.



Jay Hernandez (Paxton) was the better actor here and his character was one that I related to. Derek Richardson (Josh) was okay Eythor Gudjonsson (Oli) was comic relief. The girls were hot but not understandable in the dialogue much... meh. :muggin:


Takashi Miike and Eli Roth both have cameos.



Overall the DVD is only cut in WS, so if you prefer the FS, then you are outta luck. The recording is Digital but the film was shot on gritty digifilm and very grainy on the transfer in my opinion. The sound is awesome in 5.1 though. The extras suck and amount to trailers, previews and a small 3 part "let's follow Roth around" featurette.


Yay... :blink:


Overall, I'm not that impressed, but the T&A and the working on the psychological trauma and fear of people in intense situations like this merit me to give the extra star so, I will rate this DVD


2.5 outta 5 pimps . A skinny 2.5/5 at that.


:ohface::blink: 1/2 :blink:

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No Rotten Fruit.


And MM how can you talk about the extras and not mention the Tarantino commentary? :)


Also "Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood" is fucking great. If you skipped the opening scene with Leppy and the priest and watched from after it you'd think it was an urban drama (well, for around 20 minutes or so until Leppy shows up again). I also like the guy who says "Ninja" instead of "Nigga".

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