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Arab superheroes


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Here's a guy who seems to be serious about making an arab superhero book work:





He's not trying to do anything deep, basically an action superhero book (e's working with Fabian Niceaza for on thing)



Probably the most intriguing thing in the article is his plan to re launch Cracked as a serious competitor to MAD...

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This looks pretty cool. I never got to check out Spider-Man: India, but reviews looked decent for it - im kinda lookin forward to finally gettin past what some accuse of being "token" heroes (i.e., Spider-girl Arana was latin), knocking down the barriers in mainstream so things like this will flow better at some point, for me - for instance, Luke Cage moved beyond being the ghetto stereotype in Marvel Max, and now he's just an Avenger who happens to be black.

When i think about it, the international stereotypes really got rebuffed by the x-men back in the day. anyway, these projects are cool, and i like the design of this one.

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