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Right, so this thread, i figure we can talk about graphic novel translations - how faithful things were to the book, or did the movie improve on the ideas? Also, i want it to be open to the reverse - like, CSI getting a comic recently. Usually, TV & Movie adaptations suck, so ill try to talk about the ones that dont.


I was thinking of opening with Road to Perdition, American Splendor or A History of Violence (havent read yet), but why not go for the popular title?





With a fan-fueled revival under it’s belt and a new season on the air, Fox’s Family Guy is set to invade comic shops in spring, courtesy of Devil’s Due.


Initial plans call for a three issue, prestige format miniseries shipping bi-monthly. Each issue will focus on one of the characters, with volume one, 100 Ways to Kill Lois featuring Stewie Griffen. The series format will be a hybrid, combining both prose and traditional comic book stories. For example volume 1 will begin with Stewie’s thoughts on his family, and, obviously, ways to kill his mother, Lois, and then segue into a comic book story, and then finish with more from Stewie.


The publisher has tapped Family Guy writer Matt Fleckenstein to write the series, with art by Benjamin Phillips. According to sources at Devil’s Due, the three 48-page issues will be collected later in the year, and if sales warrant, more Family Guy will roll out.


The move to comics is the latest product category for the property to invade, as the series already has toys, trading cards and books that are strong sellers.


The perfect-bound issues will carry a $6.95 cover price.


From Devil's Due's press release:


“I’ve been a huge FAMILY GUY fan since the show first premiered, after the Super Bowl in 1999,” grins Devil’s Due Publishing’s President Josh Blaylock. “I’m beyond excited that DDP nabbed the Family Guy license. Not only is just about every comic book reader ALREADY a huge fan, but so many people outside of comics are as well.”


“The FAMILY GUY franchise is growing exponentially—and adding Devil’s Due Publishing to our family of creative licensee’s provides a wonderful opportunity to reach fans of the television series via a whole new medium” notes Michael Peikoff, 20th Century Fox Vice President, Domestic Licensing. “The comic books are highly anticipated and with the pedigree of writer Matt Fleckenstein –these comics will be a seamless extension of the FAMILY GUY brand”.


Look for more from Devil’s Due Josh Blaylock and Fleckenstein later this week on Newsarama.


The news comes as an announcement was made today that the character of Stewie Griffen will "host" a talk show that is being developed for the internet later this year. The show will be based on www.familyguy.com .

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