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Joe Budden had some comercial success a few years back, mainly with "Pump it up" and "Fire" with Busta Rhymes, 2 good tracks, but his album had some really great ones as well, such as "You aint gotta go home", "Walk with me", "Focus" and "10 minutes". Thing is, he's not easily marketable - his lyrics are often insightful and a bit deep for radio gangsta rap, but he's also a bit hard for standard backpack or conscious rap. Honestly, in the early or mid 90s i think he'dve found a better niche, but where the gerne's at lately, he does much better with mixtapes.




Speaking of, he's got some greats. He put out one last year, i think with DJ Envy or someone, where his lyrics got put over everyting from Janet to Gwen's "Hollaback girl" and they worked really well. This year, Mood Muzik 2 has been the best hip-hop ive heard so far this year, and im not even done with the album yet.


"If i die tomorrow", "40 licks", "For a reason" and a few others are good, but you get amazing tracks like "Dumb out" and "3 sides to a story" where he ranges from brutal honesty to Nas-like storytelling, and he's one of the few rappers that talks about the circles he runs around most others and i dont think he's being cocky at all. I have no idea what the fuck Def Jam is doing with his 2nd album, but i imagine some of these tracks will make it on there whenever it drops; meantime, if you wanna hear something deeper than the radio but still harder than, say, Common in a turtleneck, you gotta check this out. Im willin to make copies for locals who're down.

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"its....its....its...(what?) its that on top music..."


man, this mixtape covers Staind's "im on the outside", tony toni tone tones "anniversary" and all kidsa craziness, and "three sides to a story" is some twisted shit.


"runnin new jerz, while all these niggas fight for NY like its worth havin..."

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