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I ran this idea past WhoDey a couple weeks back (I know, everybody's been talkin' about it for a while), but couldn't come up with a good enough plan! Then I went to the mall to get him a birthday present and I came accross this place that did personalized T-shirts in like 5 minutes for 20 bucks (I'm sure a buncha malls got it)! I got WhoDey a shirt and it came out great (it was an image Jax made for WhoDey's Poker Room)! Nick and I talked about it at WhoDey's party and we're gonna make shirts for Megacon with the Hondo's logo! Now, if these shirts come out good... would you all buy them?


I'll put a pic of the one I got WhoDey later and I'm sure we'll take pics at Megacon! Just let me know...

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Faaaaaaaaancy. I would just make one myself (er, force Deidre to make me one while I watch, rather haha) but sometimes the iron on things can suck. Or at least when I'm around them.


If they look good, count me in mang! I know I could just go to mall around here, but it's nice to get things in the mail :???:

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yeah, see i threw around this idea with SB a while back when he was using cafeexpress or somethin like that for Drawing the Line, i think he said they were alright, but low quality, which is fair given the fact you dont pay for em.


i saw WhoDey's last night and was impressed. im lookin to go with panch either tomorrow or tuesday to this palce and get our old "Hondos: Drinks/Whores" logo on a black tee, was thinking about another logo on the back but i think he was to try for a jersey-style thing with #'s and usernames on the back, if you can believe that. Sounded cool enough, we'll see if anyone at megacon takes note and actually comes lokonig for whores.


But yeah, theyre good quality, not sure how panch intends to do this for folks but it could be cool, agian we'll post pics.

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well...panch cant talk about his yet, its a MegaCon exclusive surprise, but its gonna be a fan-favorite.


My idea, after talkin with him, was a solid black tee with this on the front:




and this on the back:




...but now panch has me thinkin of just takin the wu-hondo's logo for the upper-left hand corner, gettin "Irish Cowboy" in jersey font, and a number below it, either 32 (from when i played football) or like 1/2. I'm gonna have to see this place's layout before i decide.

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i'd like to see what they're like before i agree


(agrees with nanno)


Let's get some pics of potential Tees up and then we'll vote.


absolutely not. quite frankly, if you folks dont have faith in panch's selection of quality, youre unworthy of representing this site.

sorry. the price is now $40/each, except for newtype and Metalheart, who keep the faith. maybe next time, youll shut your damn mouths and stop asking for "pictures" before you send hard-earned money annonymously over the net. :pig:



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as in member #'s? i hate those things...maybe it should just be "# of hondonains youve bibically known."

haha yes that's what I meant. I was in such an excited rush over the T-Shirts, that I typed Usernumbers instead of Membernumbers. It prolly wouldn't work out as well anyways seeing as alot of us are in the triple digits...

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I call 21 and 1337 for Rach. I think the Hondo's logo on the front would work with the membername and number up top at the back and put hondosbar.com below the number :)


In the meantime, here's some other t-shirt ideas:


For Panch:



For IC:



For Sig:

secondamendment.356.home_thumb.jpg (The right to bear-arms)


For MLB (where is Stew?):



For Lindsay:



For 2Track:




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nice, KOS, nice.


first few are done, and i think they look awesome...gonna premier them soon enough. I dont know how specific we can get with the requests, but its panch's dept, and i think you guys'll like the prototypes. anyway, im really happy with mine, everyone'll get to make up their mind in the-not-too-distant-future (next sunday, AD).



I would get one for Mr. Skadoodles too!


there will be no shirts for dogs. if not for lack of size availlability, then simply on principle. that is all.

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