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I think before you guys go making more shirts, you should let DJ and I refine the Hondos image. Seeing Nick and Panch this weekend with their hondonian shirts was fucking awesome but it would be nice to have a good, professional-grade image to take to press. Hook me up with the Drinks/Whores image and we'll pretty it up for ya and change the format, kick up the DPI so the color is richer and the overall appearance is nice and smooth - Death to Pixels!

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And one more thing: Having these shirts printed at the mall as originally stated is all well and good, except for the price you pay I'm almost certain that you can get a screen printer to at least do the front part, in bulk, using higher-quality materials, for the same price if not less. It's a tri-colored image, it would be easy to screen onto a tee shirt.


I did some research and there's a company online called Creative Shirts, Int'l (csishirts.com) that, from what I can see has some very reasonable prices on printing. Here's a breakdown:


Setup: $25.00 per color (as the process require one screen per color to be created)

Shirt cost: Jerzees 100% cotton 5.50oz solid color tee shirt: $5.75/ea

Printing cost per shirt: 1st color is free, 2nd/3rd/4th/etc is $.30 per color, per item.

Minimum order of 24 items per order.


So. $75.00 setup, $140 for 24 shirts, and about $15 for printing cost per shirt. Total that up and you're still paying less than 10 bucks per shirt, not including shipping, and I think we have enough active hondonians that we could band together and pay that, versus 20 bucks a pop for a vastly inferior product. Shit, I'd be willing to eat the cost of getting it set up myself if it meant getting some really nice, high-quality shirts made. I really like this idea and I don't know why I didn't see this thread before today.



I call '37' before Silent Bob gets the chance!


Also? You suck, Jax. DJ/SB should get 37, just out of principle. Jax laid claim to it but he only did it out of spite. :2T:


As for me? I'd like 03-K64 as my number.


Significance? The year and model number of the Firefly-class ship known as Serenity. :2T::pinch:

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that shirt'd never work, MM - have you seen the bust on some of our grrls? its like we dont take less than a B cup around here.



True enough... it was meant as a joke... but now that you mention it Nick, you're right... they are a big breasted bunch... :2T:

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