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You gals... So back on topic, Arch, you need to get my shirt offa nick so's you can bring it with you. DOn't listen to his lies about something called Doop. It's all a part of his elaborate illness. It's much like yours and the Cox impersonations but his manifests in being a great big d-bag. :yawn:


Speaking of which, did yeh's get the endless setlist achievement?

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:offtopic: jesus, ladies, take it outside.

Skeet: your bargaining days are running short, son. see you with your shirt on the 18th!


Just contacted the shirt people again, i think we're slowly gearing up for another round, with the following interested (mostly) parties:


alive she cried (the apology shirt)


gunsmithx (?)

C U Space Cowboy

dante (?)

KOS/Jont (?)

Yahve (?)

Piggy (?)

Junker (?)

Def (?)

Whodey/Kara (?)


Losifer (?)

Boogie (?)

TulipO (?)

Little Solara (?)


bit've sponsorship needed for some, clearly, but it'd be a cool group! ill post back when i know more.

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Y'know I could just rescind the offer completely and hide'em where you'll never find 'em. Past the first 2 inches of my arse

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According to the Irish Chapter thread -- they've arrived! Nanno's going to pick them up on Friday...


YAY! Pics, pics, pics!


:ded: :morepics: :morepics: :morepics: :morepics: :morepics:

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what did they say when you spoke to 'em Nick?


just got a response today, actually...check it out:


Sorry I missed your last email. For screen printing, we have a minimum order quantity of 12 pieces, but I could make an exception and do as little as 10 for you. Even though we did an order for you in the past, we still have to basically start the entire process over again from the beginning to make more of the same shirts, and there is a lot of set up time involved.


For a minimum of 10 shirts, we could do them for $17 each.


There you have it. Again, you done good finding this guy, Joel, he's quite fair.

looking at my list, i think we can easily get 10+, but my thing is this: there's a lotta vets who id like to just get shirts for, but im vying time to see if ive got this job in the bag like im hoping (should know by mid april) because if so, i can pick up much of the tab without fundraising too much this time. It looks like this:


Vets/alumni shirts:






Little Solara

dinghy (?)

Whodey/kara (?)

alive she cried (on the house for fucking it up last time)


current members i need to contact to see if they're interested:










members who've shown some interest in getting in on this one:



C U Space Cowboy

dante (?)



...and i know im leaving folks off. Anyway, as you can see, 10 quite easy, possibly closer to 20 when we're ready, who knows.

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How is Solara on there and Aislynn isn't? I was the one that asked about the kids shirts!




OHHHH.... and remember ladies... they have thongs!!!

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if you say that rather fast, you get Disney's 'PIXAR'


yea im bored and a dork, but at least I aint in prison...


or something bad...

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