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Ok so many good ones got left off: Alarm Call, Play Dead, Big time sensuality, Amphibian, and of course her Sugarcubes stuff, not to mention the soundtrack ones from her movie, kinda liked them too.

Just wanna see who else here is a fan (I know SuperEeyore is) and what songs you go for.

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Shit tough call. i was torn between isobel and venus as a boy.


big time sensuallity is a happy go lucky classic. Tough calls thanks to great music :D

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After the breakup of the Sugarcubes (known for such greats as "fucking in rhythm & sorrow"), Bjork entered the scene in 1993 with Debut, and some say she coudlnt fit neatly into any preexisting genre (alaternative? dance? world/dream?), with abstract, almost alien lyrics and her her expressive voice carrying them. If i had to place it somewhere, she'd be under experimental, similarly where i'd put Orbital, personally.


Anyway, "Human Behavior" sets up this album (and artist) pretty well as the first track, and though a sold album the whole way through, her best efforst were "Venus as a boy" (featured in The Professional, i believe), Big "Time Sensuality", "Violently Happy", and my personal favorite here, "The Anchor song".




Post dropped in 1995, and got a lot more attention. Working with Tricky and producers from Soul II Soul and U2, she puts out some of her best tracks on this one - "Army of Me" (one of her first crazy vidoes i remember seeing, with bears and such), Hyper-Balled (one of my personal favorites of hes), Its Oh So Quiet (a vidoe she did as a musical, also great), Isobel, Possibly Maybe, and I miss you, a track that got some great techno remixes as well by Pho-Tek and others.


Again, around here, it became evident she was an acquired taste, and her vidoes were nothing but unique. I still wish i could get the DVD collection of them, because theyve got everything from John K animation to cyborgs to, uh, that one with her peircing herself.




1997's Homogenic is one of those albums people who cant find Iceland on a map have to have. Its really hard for me to say which is the finest trrack here, because i believe overall its her strongest, most cohesive effort.

Amazon says:


Headline-grabbing personal upheavals turn into introspective surges on Homogenic, the third album by Icelandic singer Björk. Driven inward after a bizarre year accented by a much publicized mail bomb, airport cat fight and brawl between ex-lovers Tricky and Goldie, Björk gets lost in a wash of strings and minimalist techno patterns on her latest outing. The eccentricity and stylistic schizophrenia of Debut and Post have been cast away in favor of darker, more sublime edginess. Filled with songs about paranoia, heartbreak, and lost faith, Homogenic not only showcases more mature themes, but a more uniform mood. Notch that up to Björk's decision to produce the album herself. Aside from a few nominal collaborations with Mark Bell of obscure techno outfit LFO and the Icelandic String Octet, this is the purest representation of the artist's vision. Little did we know that such a quirky personality would have such a bleak world view. Homogenic is almost too heavy to take in sitting, and songs, like the grating "Pluto," are downright unlistenable. But there are moments of inspiration that burn through the dark clouds, particularly on the contemplative "Joga" and the uplifting "Bachelorette."


Fuck raymomd, everyone loves Bachelorette. And im not sure what he meant at the end, i remember the first time i was moving into my own studio & spent the day looping this album, first time i heard it, and couldnt get enough. Its a bit of a rollercoaster, granted, but just an amazing piece




2001's Vespertine didnt get talked about as much, but after hearing Pagan Poetry its one of the few i went and saved up money to buy. There's a definite theme here, between Hidden Place, Its not up to you, and such, but again, i think Amazon really nails that part better:


Ever since Björk's vital, effusive 1993 debut, her music has been increasingly intimate, gently private, and concerned with seclusion. It's typical then that Vespertine's first single is called "Hidden Place." The studious solitude is rewarding, though. Vespertine is a lush, gorgeous swell of midpace electronica, symphonic strings, and Björk's uniquely alien, spectral vocals. There are fantastical wonders here. "Cocoon" (another eulogy to withdrawal from the world) is delicate as a breath, Björk sounding too fragile to be flesh as she lauds "a beauty this immense." "Pagan Poetry" and "Aurora," likewise, are adrift in an enchanted reverie. When she chooses, she crafts killer tunes; "It's Not up to You" is as lovely as anything on Post. Yet, frequently, on such tracks as the yearning, glancing "Undo," Björk seems to be simply thinking aloud, reveling in this wildly rich and visceral music. She's reclaimed cutting-edge electronica, so often the province of geeks and technicians, for the poets and the passionate. Vespertine is a landmark, a revelation, and a truly fabulous achievement.




Medúlla (2004) is one of the onest i just havent listened to enough to pick out individual tracks yet. Its a break from her usual work, in that its even more layered, but to me, that's like saying one Roots album isnt like the next: that's simply how they are. The common denominator, though, is quality. To paraprhase:


Although traditional instruments and breaks have been removed from this album, Medulla is no great departure for Bjork but in a sense it is radically different from any of her previous work. Some will love it, some hate it, and some just won't be sure what to think.


Ill try to give a review proper when ive listened to it more.




There's no doubt this is an awesome disc, and its a fine intro to the artist, or if you lost all her previous stuff like i did. You can argue about what didnt make it on here, but they did put some of her finest material together...my only qualm would be "Play Dead" isnt the one i recall with Thomas Yorke, but at least we got "Its in our hands" which i think was previously unreleased, and a great song.



That's more or less her body of work. Im simply not familiar yet with the OST she did for Drawing Restraint 9 (her lover's movie of the same name), though Selmasongs; Dancer in the Dark's soundtrack was alos great...Overture, Cvalda, Scatterheart, Ive seen it all, etc. I still want to see the film itself. Oh, and Gling-Gló, her jazz album, is also fantastic, but the track name are pretty hard, to i hope to put a review of that up sometime too, its her experimenting on one of my favorite genres. The only track i have that i cant place is "Amphibian", though its so good its gotta be an official release off of something.

More to come.

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That's the trouble when hondonians put effort into their posts, there's nothing left to say, apart from seconded.


John K. has started a blog and posted this peachy image which blogger will probably never let me hotlink.






It makes good wallpaper if you don't mind not being able to find any of your icons.


Also the army of me video was made by Michelle Gondry, probably the best director in Music videos bar none ( sorry Chris Cunningham)

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...fuck happened to my old Bjork thread?! id reveiwed like every album of hers, as i recall!


Anyway...she's got some new stuff coming out, apparnetly: just released a new single, with Timbaland on the beat (yeah, i dont get it either...i hope he's not on every track, im not looking for "promiscous girl" here). Anyway, here it be:


Bjork - Earth Intruders

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well, the new album "Volta" is apparently out, with varying reviews - even the 3 timbaland produced tracks ddint sound like him (fortunately) and some seem to love it, while others think it jumped a larger shark than Medulla (which i dont follow, as i also liked that album). Ill try to dig up a torrent soon & post my own reivew here, but im optimistic.

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*sneaks up behind Nick, placing a sign on his back that reads "I think Bjork is full of crazy. ps. please kick me."*

*... and smacks him upside the head with a bat for good measure before running out again, laughing*


It's the little things like this that reverse all the bad and make me like him a little bit.

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