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This question thread ISN'T like other question threads! This is a question thread that gets all the dirt you ever wanted to know about your fellow Hondonians! And it's dirt and gossip straight from the source, answered by EVERYBODY! Here's how it works...


Wonderin' something personal about your "buddies" here on Hondos? Ask a question about 'em! Somebody's gotta know the dirt! For example:


Q.) Does the lovely MetalHeart have a boyfriend?


A.) She's married to Cj, you stalker you!


See? That easy! Now, that one was just a warm-up! Everybody knows the answer to that anyway! Let's see how ballsy you fucks can get! I know there's questions out there that people would like to know, but are just to scared to ask! Here's your chance! Nobody's safe... not even me!

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what was the nail in the cross coffin for benny? that guy had some tolerance, i wonder what pushed him over.

I PMed him pictures of me, the new pope, and his mom dressed as a nun, in an around-the-world oral love fest on a swastika shaped bed. Never heard back from him since then.

will tulipO ever get with


If she does, it'll be a big disappointment after getting with me.

Was Spongebob really a Nazi?


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IC, the voice wisdom and more importantly, reason (not something I always listen to).


I regreted airing Yahve's dirty laundry on Hondos, which was also given by Jax. I'm sad, but not surprised that he was more than happy it seems to try and smear me in the eyes of others (I could certainly be wrong though and El Chupa's here is just attempting to instigate something which is not his business). I'm willing to air this in a more diplomatic way though.


There is a saying that I think is quite true. There are three sides to every story, yours, mine, and the truth.


Whenever you start a story it is important as to where you start that story. I suppose I will try to give an abridged introduction. When I was in college Jax and I both worked at a smoothie shop that also sold vitamins and such. He had been working there a year and half before I started. I was promoted to manager to run the store after six months. I didn't really want the position, but I felt sorry for the people who owned the store. I told them that I would stay and run there store until May ( I had finished my degree in December so I could make more money elsewhere, along with benefits).


Well, the owner who had psychological problems became greatly offended by Jax. Partly this was due to the fact that Jax would talk down to her, which he tends to do unconsciously. If you know the guy it's fairly obvious that many times it isn't intentional. But none the less, he can come off as abrasive.


I was told to fire him by the owner and I refused. She ripped into me several times over it, but I defended my decision.


In May, I trained a new store manager and left for a better job. After I left Jax was lucky enough to have found out about the store on the beach and then even luckier to have been given money from his family to purchase the beach store.


After about six months of working in front of a computer, talking to people in Europe, Asia, and California (those were the territories I covered) about large quantities of live plants being moved around and sold here and there, I was feeling as if I was losing my a part of my soul one day at a time, slipping slowly into the back of a bottle during my nights. I saw something which made me believe I could do good, but that I might need to save more money towards, so I decided that I needed a second job. Jax was complaining about a shortage of people. So I spoke to him about possibly working there, even though I knew that I would probably be offended by him and the fact that I would be called to fill in at the last minute for his unreliable workers at the last minute. Thus is the nature of retail.


I found a way that I believed I could help others, which is ultimately my goal in life, so I took it and left my job in the Plant Biz (they wouldn't give me the time off) to go to California for a short time and find out what I could do to make this thing possibly work.


I came back and worked at his store for another month and a half, which he knew was a temporary job for me. I told him that once I got a job teaching, that I would try and stay for a little while until he found one or two decent employees. He recieved numerous applications, but for one reason or another these people did not meet his standards and wants.


A few days before I started teaching, Jax picked a fight with me. I left pissed, but I came back the next day. Jax's assistant manager thought he should apologize to me. I didn't care one way or the other if he did, I just wasn't willing to sit around and fight because someone felt they needed to exert their authority, whether or not they were right or wrong. Next day, of course I showed up for work even though I was angry. We spoke about it, things were ok for a bit, and then he decided to pick a fight again and rather than fight I just softly said that that day would be my last. I wasn't willing to fight. I should not have even have ever asked to work there. It was against my better judgement that I did. I had enough money saved that I didn't have to in order to live, but the money did allow me to pay for Christmahanaka gifts.


I'm not going to go into my thoughts and feelings on the situation, but to just say that they were apart of my own subjective perspective, just as his are/were, rather than the truth.




Simply and diplomaticly told.

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That pretty much accounts for the lot of it. The only part of the story that is told differently through my eyes is that I didn't pick a fight with you. I thought you disrespected me (not disrespected me a boss, but as a person) in front of my employees and customers. I tried, and still try very hard to find the delicate balance between being a boss that is friendly, accomadating and enjoyable to work for, but firm in what he expects from his employees. You were dealing with being my friend (and partially with being my former boss) and working for me. I felt on many occasions that you treated me like you were the only one doing their friend a favor. I needed someone hard working and competent, and you needed a job that would give you the time off you needed when you needed and good cash (I'm sorry if it wasn't good enough pay for you, but I thought it was generous, and I'm sorry if wasn't always able to give you all the hours you wanted all the time to maximize you paycheck and conveince, but I tried). I thought we were doing each other a favor. But repeatedly you acted like you were better than having to answer to me. You knew how to do your job and if I wanted you to do something differently, you were insulted. You were happy unless you were criticized.


I wasn't happy with an aspect of your performance, and I tried to tell you, despite how difficult that is for me, especially with you. You took it the wrong way. You were in a bad mood. The following day, I thought it would be better to air our grievences honestly. After apologizing for the fight the previos day, I tried to be honest about how I felt, because you were my friend, and I thought you'd recognize my sincerity. Before I got 10 second into how I felt, you said you quit, after having agreed to a schedule. Everyone worked every day until I found somebody new and we were still understaffed. You knew that would happen when you quit, and you did it anyway. I won't lie, it was a stab in the back and a slap in the face, and it made me realize I'm not the judge of character I thought I was. I would have bet 1000 to 1 that morning that you wouldn't screw me like that. But you did.


I'm sorry if you thought I wasn't trying hard to find other people while you wer tryign to cut backy our hours, but my store isn't some game to me, I take seriously who I want to work for me. Fortunatly, less than a week after you aburt quitting, a great applicant came in. She's sharp, friendly, quick, and a work horse. I don't regret waiting for the right applicatant to walk in. I don't regret telling you that you were being rude to me in front of my customers and my employees, because it was the truth and writing out that paycheck for you every two weeks gave the right to tell you if you weren't performing to my expectations.


I'll be completely honest again, I still think what you did was wrong, ethically and professionally. You showed no loyalty in that moment when I needed it, and to me, showed you didn't value our friendship. However, if you're willing to just forget this bullshit, bury the hatchet, and forget the bad blood, I'd be glad to start talking to you again and hopefully get back to a place where I'm not angry at you anymore.

Edited by Jack's Meandering Thoughts
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It was oh so kind of you to bad mouth me behind my back. I didn't say shit about you or how I truly percieved the whole thing and I could sit here and really bad mouth you, but I won't cause it's not right.


I went to the wall for your ass and defended you countless times from people when I didn't have to and if I hadn't, you wouldn't have been handed your store. Not too mention the other times I helped you out when no one would have.


And ethical issues? Don't talk to me about ethical issues, you openly flaunt breaking law at your business, so don't say shit about how you take your business oh so seriously.

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I didn't bad mouth you behind your back. Adam said he was having a birthday party and I said "Alright, I make it out there. I imagine your inviting Jared. I should probably start talking to him again and get things patched up." Adam, of course didn't know what I was talking about, so he kinda hounded me for an explanation when I was just trying to say "We have a fight, I don't wanna get into the details. Probably best I just make good with him." He asked me if I'd prefer to have him not invite you. I insisted it was his party, and he should. Turns out he said you were busy that night. So at the party, I got hounded again for details, I tried to tell him my perspective. I told him you'd have your own perspectiveon the matter, and my wasn't necesarily the truth, but I didn't try to villianize you. Adam said it sounded liek you screwed, but but I think he'll back me that I wasn't trying to villianize you.


I notice you refused my olive branch from my previous post. That's a shame, cause this whole time I was just hoping it would just take some space apart from each other to cool off so we could be friends again. I was kind hoping that you had, behind your bitterness and disapproval of everythig you disapprove of, a desire to patch things up as well.


Take it as a compliment. I still consider you to be the kind of good person I want as a friend. I guess you no longer see me the same way. If this is your way of saying our friendship isn't just in a coma, but truely dead, I'll leave you alone.

Edited by Jack's Meandering Thoughts
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so he kinda hounded me for an explanation when I was just trying to say "We have a fight, I don't wanna get into the details.


ill vouch for this. WhoDey's a nosy bitch if you let him in on sometihn. swear to god, you let one thing slip, and then he keeps throwing beers at you till youre crying into a pillow about how skeeter makes you feel like a schoolgirl on the first day of summer vacation.


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