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The Legend of Zelda


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20 years is a long time ...



Nintendo has decided to celebrate 20 years of Zelda by releasing T-Shirts, discs, posters, books and other merchandise line in Japan.






Good luck trying to get the goods anywhere else, but the 8-bit imagry is certainly cool. You can read the scoop (with pictures) over at 1UP.


Rest assured that if they decide to release those things outside of Japan, they'll be a bitch to get.


Twilight Princess can not come soon enough for this Hyrulian addict. :howyoudoin:



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MM, youre the man. any pics of said merchandise? I used to have the Nintendo high score statues with Link on them (remember those?), i still have the trade of the Nintendo Power series of Link to the Past, and all the old cartoons on VHS somewhere ("excuuuuuuse me, princess!"), even built a wee triforce in shop one time, i was so dorky. There's even a Link sticker on my cell, though now its Ness from Earthbound.


Ill try to post pics of Newtype's new Master Sword replica, its awesome.


ps Twilight Princess got pushed back again, right? so were all just assuming its gonna premier on the Nintendo Revolution, like it should?

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I don't know, Majora's mask (Argubly the coolest Zelda of them all) was released pretty much at the end of the N64's shelf life. I think with so much progress made on Twilight Princess, if they were to put it on Reveloution it would probably be a sub standard port, much like a lot of the current X Box 360 games.

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eh...youve got a point (and Majora's Mask is highly underrated, but fuck was it hard).

the old formula was to use a mario platformer to showcase the new system...its worked since the NES, and i rememer how hyped Mario 64 had me for the new system. Zeldas tend to be refined, show up a year later around christmas or so, so while a zelda-opener would really push units, i suppose it woudlnt be such a great idea if it was how it looked last i saw it - fucking amazing for the GC, but not enough to sell the next-gen stuff...the way 1st year PS2 games didnt look any sharper than Dreamcast ones at the time.

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i was so dorky.




Ill try to post pics of Newtype's new Master Sword replica, its awesome.


Done. :howyoudoin:







Any fucker who trys to mess with me eats cold hard steel.


I think with so much progress made on Twilight Princess, if they were to put it on Reveloution it would probably be a sub standard port, much like a lot of the current X Box 360 games


True, but we say this now but when it comes out we won't give a damn. Cause it a new zelda game and we're going to play it no matter what.



P.S I have this shit.



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newtype, That Master is pretty cool indeed. Nope I know for a fact, from over at Digital Underground that the Zelda Twilight princess will be a 2 disc (like Resident Evil SE) on GAMECUBE.


I'll post up the links, I gotta go through the faves list which is like 1 mile long. When I find I will post em up with pics.

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This is what I know about the game so far... Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess...


So we've seen the trailer, but what exactly is in store for The Legend of Zelda: Twlight Princess? Yesterday, a slew of new information was released regarding this issue, including a new interview with Eiji Aonuma, the co-director. Along with the interview, 30 minutes of direct feed was released, which featured impressive in-game footage with insight on the mechanics and storyline of the game.


Aonuma Interview/May LINK




The thing that catches most people's eye in Twilight Princess is how Link transforms into a wolf.



This aspect was, among many other things, elaborated on in the Eiji Aonuma interview. Much like LOZ: A Link to the Past had the dark world and the light world, and LOZ: Ocarina of Time had time travel, Twilight Princess will feature paralell worlds as well. According to the interview, there will be a "Twilight Realm", that Link becomes a wolf whenever he crosses into. This refutes speculation that the wolf will be unleashed with accordance to the position of the sun/moon. Aonuma reasons that the idea behind allowing Link to transform into a wolf, is that in most of the previous Zelda games, you started off as a child and therefore you could mature as the game goes on. Since you will start out as an adult in Twilight Princess, they allowed the user to transform into something other than human in order to accomodate for these changes. They felt that the wolf was the animal that best represented a hero, because of the certain mysticism that it possesses. Link's wolf form can obviously do things that human Link cannot, and vice versa, that is why wolf Link pairs up with Midna, the strange creature we see busting out of the prison cell in the first trailer at E3.




Aonuma says Midna exists outside the Twilight Realm, "if you go with the strictest definition of exist". Maybe this means Midna will be the next Navi? Not much is known about the storyline yet but we do know that the game begins in a region known as Tauro Village. Although this area is far away from Hyrule, most of the game will take place in classic Hyrule. Tauro and Hyrule have a good relationship selling cows to each other. Every year there is a festival where all the small cow-trading towns outside Hyrule meet together in Hyrule discuss business. This is supposedly where the story begins.


When asked if Link is able to go in and out of the Twilight Realm, Aonuma responds that to answer that question would require details on the gameplay, which he cannot reveal yet. He does say though, that the Twilight Realm is gradually expanding and CAPTURING ANYBODY JUST OUTSIDE OF IT. Inside the Twilight Realm humans do not exist, but animals do. Maybe we will see all the characters from the normal realm only in their own unique animal form? In regards to the IMPORTANCE OF ANIMALS in the story Aonuma says we will "be surprised by the types of interactions we implemented".


Aonuma says that there will be many different methods for navigating the enormous playable area. He even hints there might be aerial transportation.




Those who were frustated at the easiness of The Wind Waker will be gald to know that one of the goals of this game is to outdo Ocarina of Time "on many levels". "We do intend to fill the game with a lot of side-quests, mini-games, and puzzles, which will make it more challenging" says Aonuma.


Once again, Z targetting makes a triumphant return. The battle system will be similar to that of Wind Waker (incorporation of new moves such as the downward stab), however Nintendo has hinted at the idea of even more moves to add to Link's arsenal. Automatic jumping is back once again, as it has worked quite well with the previous 3 titles. Horseback battles will undoubtedly be an important element in this game, as this has been seen already on the trailers that have been released thus far. In addition to use of bow and arrow on horseback, the player will be able to use their sword while on horseback. This leads many to wonder if other, perhaps all, weapons will be useable on horseback. This time around, Link's steed (whatever name it may be) has outgrown its h


Although the games take time elements into consideration, we not experience any real time traveling in this game, as we did with Ocarina of Time. One BIG ANNOUNCEMENT to the game is that it will not star the Link from Ocarina of Time, but some other guy from a few decades later. The storyline will fit inbetween Ocarina of Time and Windwaker, like many predicted.


The game's engine is actually an enhanced version of The Wind Waker's engine, with a graphical makeover. But it is said that the engine has been ENHANCED so much that it cannot acually be classified as the same engine as that seen in the Wind Waker. Good stuff.




The REASON Link starts off as a cowboy in Twilight princess is merely to justify the fact that is an accomplished horsemen. Taoru Village (not the definitive name yet) will not play an essential role in the game.


Well that's about it for now. Yesterday's details have been the most groundbreaking so far. In my opinion this game looks to the Holy Grail for Zelda.


Here's the SE game, standard game and promo shirts.




I think the graphic style really suits the gameplay well, and from what I've seen from the story I think that will go along good as well. All in all, the incorporation of new elements along with the leaving in of established ones should make Twilight Princess an instant classic.


Also at EB up here in Massachusetts, for pre-sale customers they are giving these lithographs or a free Brady Guide with the purchase of either edition.




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I'll be super piss if this is another fake out.


Is the new Zelda game coming in just two short weeks?


It's looking like a distinct possibility, judging by an updated product page on Amazon.com. The game's release date has been adjusted from November 2006 to "May 15, 2006."


Is Nintendo pulling a fast one, or is Amazon in the wrong?

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shit, that's a tough call...im thinkin of gettin Wii all over me, i hear its a good price and its not like im not gonna get htis game anyway....

not bad, but i liked the other covers better. there still gonna be a crazy collector edition with a triforce necklace and shit?

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You know whats funny about this whole Zelda thing with me...if Metal Gear Solid didnt come out when it did, i prolly would have appreciated the series alot more than i do now. After A Link to the Past, i started loosing interest...sigh...i just wasnt feeling Ocarina after playing MGS for some reason. Wind Waker was cool, but it was nothing that got me excited. I hope Twilight Princess brings me back.

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