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Hellboy & The B.P.R.D.


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wait wait, i'm tired & all fucked up here, wasn't Roger the homunculus or am i getting shit mixed up? i thought it was the protocol of having a bomb in him that pushed Hellboy over the edge, but it's been years so i could totally have this wrong.


It was, but the bomb wasn't what killed him. He was going all gung ho wiping out frog nests like his new role model Daimio when he ran into the black flame. The guy blew up the whole squad, including Roger.



you could be quite right about BPRD, i guess ive had the notion of it ending in my head partly because they haven't built up a strong cast, as you said...i mean, taking the big pieces off the table seems like an interesting setup for entering into a closing arc to me.


yeah, that dude was totally Lo Pan, and i figure his vision isn't far off - you're right though, Panya's quote kinda implies HQ won't be around either, not surprising given how bad things got recently in Return of the Master. even with UN funding they clearly can't stave off hordes.


They're obviously got something going with psychic teenage runaway girl that's going to come up later and the story looks nowhere close to wrapping up, we'll see though.


also: Grey just got tied in very directly, i can't imagine Baltimore's far off. i hope his reveal is half as cool, though...even if he's a ghost like Lobster.


Edward Grey was literally mentioned in the first Hellboy book and he's been name-dropped multiple times, he's appeared as the hooded figure multiple times and referred to as "Sir Grey." Even his first solo adventure involved one of the mole people from the Hollow Earth mini and that weird axe-spear thing that keeps popping up. To the best of my knowledge Baltimore hasn't been mentioned in Hellboy or BPRD and nothing in his books mentions anything in theirs, I could be wrong though but I think it's something separate. Nobody else seems to think they're tied, anyway.


wait, carbon copied how - with his origin story or wha? trying to remember here. did i miss a book, cause im trying to remember if he got out of convalescence yet.


The Black Flame straight up told him his destiny is to take up leadership of the frogs/mole people and lead them to take over/destroy the world. So apparently Abe is also the antichrist, just the eldritch/Lovecraftian version.


doesn't he already have the undead knights, or did he lose all that? and i think that's plausible, monsters on monsters but i thought a big fear of him taking the crown was somehow tied into the right hand of doom unlocking the barn door for Ogdru Jahad.


Not anymore, he gave up the knights and Excalibur just before he walked off to kill the witch-thing. The Irish girl he saved in The Corpse has those now. I'm sure he'll find a work-around but I'm fairly certain Hellboy in Hell is heading toward at least him accepting his leadership of the demonic hordes.

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ryan - in case you missed it (i did), after they tied up that Cold day in Hell mini, Abe got his own ongoing series!



Varvara might be worse than the Russian scientist, heh


also Abe back in & on the run is some interesting shit, digging this book...starting to think maybe you're right & Hell on Earth isn't meant to start the closing act, but who knows?


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There's thousands of them buried underground waiting for their opportunity to rise and take over the world. I believe Pickman County Horror was the event that revealed this and the Vampire mini alluded to it as well. I had assumed that would be the story arc after Hell on Earth.

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ahhh i need to read pickman county, damn. 


with hellboy wrapped up & the black flame extinguished, i took it that 




was about the last viable threat - did pickmam connect here? cause i know sir edward grey did but say lord baltimore (and i wanna say joe golem?) didn't 

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