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I've had them...pretty good...but it's not something i go crazy for...I'm not THAT big on just any chocolate, I'm very European when it comes to sweets.


What about Belgian chocolate?


I've seen Pocky for sale a few times, but I passed on the chance, even though they've been recommended by every geek and their cat since the internet was invented.

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well....its kinda an import item, i got em from japan, and a local comic shop down here carried em...i dont remember seeing them at Kroger when i lived in Texas, but you never know. its worth a look.


You'd be surprised these days. I've seen it at places such as HEB and 7-11. Plus there are Asian markets all over the place now.



Crazy ass comercial.


Pocky's awesome. My favorite'd have to be the chocolate-almond type. Ramune is good too. So many flavors of both. :2T:

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GIVE ME POCKY!!!!!!!!!!


I once bought about 7 boxes of those that came in the mail from some asian foods place on the net. It cost me about $55. I really went crazy for those things in high school... a friend of mine hooked me onto them. I still can't believe I spent so much money on those things. LOL.


When the hell di I rack up 100 posts??? I can't even remember the last 99.

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