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What Hondonian Girl Should Pose Playboy?  

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yay lobo for more sexy time explosion pics!


uh, i just got an idea. boys need to show some skin too.


Ha ha ha, well I wouldn't participate there.


Seeing me shirtless is much like staring directly into the sun, it cause brain damage and you'll go blind in about a minute or so.

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very hot pics lobo, I love black and white style!


AWW thanks! AND THANK YOU Lindsay for the comments! ---maybe we should have like "ALL THE HONDOS Ladies"-picture...like all the ladies in Miami, all the ladies of Texas, in the UK, etc...you know....we can even invite friends! :2T: anyone up for that??

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Jax & I posted alla male skin you bitches could ever handle in FC, so we gets immunity too. Not to mention HulkHands almost beats the cowboy hat. Am i the only one to show pubes aside from OBO yet?

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