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The Lameitude of Strategy Guides  

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when i was younger, id play old Final Fantasy games till i explored every corner of their 2-D worlds, sometimes maxing out my characters. i had time to re-play games then.


Now, sadly, i dont. There's a lot more good games out these days, and less time. Were at a point where some RPGs can take 80+ hours (not that older ones didnt), a few things can happen:


1) the "ultimate weapon" isnt findable; i.e., youd have to have a guide caus the answer is illogical, like, be behind this barn on the corner of the world when the game's timer hits 50 hours so aliens can show up and give it to you, or worse yet

2) theres items you can only get on disc 1, no backtracking, and without them you get the gay ending, or some shit.


sometimes, i wanna get through a stupid puzzle and keep the momentum so my gaming experience is enjoyable. sometimes i wanna maximize the experience so i dont leave shit out that id miss without a guide.

in this instance, its my 3rd time paying for & going through Resident Evil 1, and i just need to refresh my memory to get my skills going.....stupid Capcom hustled me again.

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I'm with MH. When you've finished the game once, square, it's justified. In that instance it's like watching extras on DVDs. In Nick's case he's just retarded it's more of a time constraint, hence, borderline justifyable. Using a guide 'cause you couldn't be arsed thinking for yourself just defeats the fucking purpose of playing that kind of game.

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nonsense skeeter you hong kong brit, you misunderstand. ill solve my own puzzles, but when they make sense: ive no time for Myst-like illogical puzzles. Take Resident Evil 4 - ive got sheets full of stuff i jotted down for puzzles, and shorthand math for buying & upgrading weapons. I frequently used a weapons FAQ to get advice on what one gun offered vs another one once youve sunk a few hundred thousand bucks in the game to maximize it - i wanted more stopping power from my guns than accuracy or even reload time, so someone's adivce was helpful. I dont consult on how to beat bosses and such cause that woudl take the fun out of it, indeed.


Now, there's Xenosaga 2. I love the story, but im really, really not into the gameply and mindless side-quests im being sent on, i just want to see where the epic plot goes. Im half-tempted to prit the whole goddamn guide out to beat it quick and hope for a better enginge in part 3.


I cant recommend employing a guide for Metal Gear Solid 3 enough; there' s a ton of great easter eggs you wont find otherwise.

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... Which are your rightful present once you've finished the fucking game!!! Why do you think they're called Easter eggs? You think they fell out've Jesus' arse? NO!! You get Easter eggs for sinning like a motherfucker & making sure Jesus wasn't an effluent pinata for nothing!! Same philosphy with games. You play them through & are rewarded for your ingenuity. Same with movies(except for Glitter. That motherfucker STILL hasn't shown me Mariah's boobies).

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no you twat, not "shit you unlock for finishing the game", more like "shit you get if you find it by accident cause its pretty goddamn random". MGS3 has a hidden mini-game youd never know about unless you happened to save & go to bed at the right point in the game. You mightve played it and never known it was there; me, i got the maximum amount of awesomeness from my game for my hard-earned money.


...except i played a borrowed game on a borrowed system, and used an online strategy guyide, while listening to mp3's and reading scanned comics. my life is a lie! :cry:

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Oh good the search function worked!


Ok so I'm really getting into FFXV. It's fun and is reminding me more of FFXII as I go along. Which is a very good thing. But, being a good FF game I'm starting to see where I may need a strat guide for this. That's how I traditionally used to play these (frown if you must), was with strategy guide. I weened myself off a little with FFXII, but still used one to find things like the stupid ultimate spear.


This game's strategy guide is only 24 bucks on Amazon... so I may jump on that.

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ill defend Versus Books (the early stuff - RE2, MGS, FF VII, Tekken 3 etc) to the day i die - you had a lotta Diehard GameFan alumni on those, and not only were they cheaper than shitty brady/etc ones, they often had stuff nobody knew at the time - strategies on emerald/ruby weapon, how to play as Tofu, etc. i love those things.

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ive used gamefaqs forever now - you've clearly not seen a versus guide. good quality pics showing you everything, way more thorough on secrets - take MGS, there's an entire section on where to take every photo of every ghost in the game, if you wanna do that...it's way harder to find them with just text.


they also had a section with kojima talking about the military research he did on the weapons/items in the game. there's literally nothing ive seen found in that title not covered there, in detail, plus interview stuff and a poster. they really set the bar back then for making the best guides, and i've yet to see them topped.

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sometimes they got cool art in em


Looks good on my shelf too


Yup and yup.


Some games straight-up got goodies n' features there is no way in hell you're gonna find 'em on your own. I'm talkin' stuff stuff like Resident Evil n' Metal Gear Solid.


"It's extortion!"



You could just google the stuff - which is why I think strategy guides are more for collectors and gamers who enjoy flipping through pages. I got me...quite a few strategy guides.


You've clearly never seen some of the better Gamefaqs walkthroughs, they have indexes and subcategories and shit.


I think the 'Playing w/ Power' NES Classics is a great example - you could just google the primitive 'secrets' - but it's the presentation / art and the 'collectability-factor' that a lot of gamers enjoy. The fact that google has better quality artwork than what's in the PwP book is another story. mine.gif

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