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This was the very first thing i rented when i got Netflix years ago, cause the concept struck me as interesting:


This is a series of ten shorts created for Polish Television, with plots loosely based upon the Ten Commandments, directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski. Two of these, Dekalog 5 and 6, have since been expanded into longer, feature-length films--Krotki film o zabijaniu (A Short Film About Killing) and Krotki film o milosci (A Short Film About Love), respectively. They deal with the emotional turmoil suffered by humanity, when instinctual acts and societal morality conflict.


Mind you, i think it was due back before i finsihed the last one or so. But from what i recall: it ranges from subtle to being just as heavy-handed as you might expect. I liked the one about not bearing false idols the best, it involved a man and his son using a computer to determine if the tempature outside was good for ice skating or not. Others, like the no-taking-my-name-in-vain one, were the preachy kind of thing youd expect in much older films, and simply didnt work as well for me.


Anyone else ever see/hear about this? I mean, beyond the arc in Daredevil. Also, much better description/reviews here.

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Again, i could be recalling this wrong, but i think it was a series of 10 1-hour shorts. Again, some were good, some seemed longer than others. Turns out some reviewers are saying that the last one was one of the best one, so mebbe i should see this again...i think i still have a copy of disc 1 laying about.

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