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I figure we should have a thread for upcoming concerts, since (I think) a lot of us here go to em, and those that don't might be interested in starting... Not all concerts include getting knocked around, you always have the option to sit somewhere or stand back... and at some concerts there's none of that even directly in front of the band (classic rock shows at the culture room come to mind... robbie kreiger of the doors, blue oyster cult).  So without further ado, here's some good stuff happening in Miami relatively soon.


April 13 -  Shutdown productions - Beyond 2002: mentioned this one, noone knows about this, and it's insane, it's a three day festival (50 bucks a day tho :thinking: )  and performers include Stone Temple Pilots, the offspring, method man, third eye blind, snoop dog, fatboy slim, ludacris, outcast, less than jake, and a billion more.  I'm going on the second day when Stone Temple Pilots, the Offspring, Method man, and Third eye blind perform.  That's great for 50 bucks, I paid that for STP alone.  At bicentenial park in downtown


April 26 - Bonzai - Here ya got, Kid Rock, Puddle of Mud, Rob Zombie, Local H, Candlebox, Gravity Kills, Adema, Sevendust, and new addition (the reason I'm going now) Jerry Cantrell of Alice and Chains... I'm really excited about Cantrell, and Grav kills, Local H, Candlebox, and Rob zombie seal the deal for me.

Also at bicentennial


Ozzfest - I'm hoping for this one to get better, it's still always worth going just for ozzy, but last year it was nothing but unbeleivable bands.  This year it's System of a down, Rob Zombie (playing a "jeans and t shirt set"... which means no fake blood and costumes...um, ok) POD, drowning pool, and a bunch of random bands on the radio now.  Goddamned Civilian (Cornell + Rage against the machine) got dropped, so that kills a lot of the excitement for me.  Still more than worth the money to watch System of a down and Ozzy headline, plus they're looking for a damned good replacement for civilian, not some random one hit wonder.  Mars amphitheatre I'm assuming.


May 17 - Paul Mccartney - I know, $$$, but goddammit I missed bob dylan, I dont want to miss Mccartney.  This is one of those concerts for people who normally dont go for concerts.  You'll just be sitting and listening to incredible music.  50 bucks for the cheapy seats, so you'll be watching the big screens a lot of the time, but I swear it ain't that bad, saw ACDC with cheap seats, had a great time.  National Car rental center.


Thats about all I can name, but those are some damned fine concerts if ya ask me.  Thought I'd put em out there.

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I just got back from the shutdown productions show, and I guess I'll give my thoughts, in case anyone caresa at all.  It was just baddass.  Started off by seeing my pals in Twice the Sun play on the local stage, they were good as always, I highly reccomend you all at least try out some mp3s.  I was really pissed that method man didn't show.  He was a big part of why I wanted to go, and he was replaced by a really bad no name rapper because he had plane troubles or something.  Ludacris was almost decent, he brought this new chick named Shauna or something with him, she freestyled for a few minutes and was easily ten times better than ludacris in every way shape and form, I'll look out for any of her stuff on the radio.  After that, the fun really started.  The offspring played an intense hour and a half set that kicked the crap out of me.  Played lots of their best stuff, and played their worst stuff (pretty fly...) well enough to enjoy it.  Then STP came on.  They never cease to amaze me, they started off witha  cover of "Shine on you crazy diamond" by pink floyd, complete with trippy lasers.  They played like half of Core and purple, more than they usually do of Tiny music, and a couple from num 4 and shangri-la.  I was on the barricade for them, and words can't describe how good they were.  Weiland's freaky dancing alone was easily worth going for.  After them, third eye blind came on, and lots of people left after STP, which is understandable, 3eb weren't headlining, they were pretty much squeezed in, and I'm glad they were.  I heard they used to suck live, and I've seen them on TV and they were pretty bad, but today they were just fine.  As they started the vocals were way too low, but after three songs they got the hint from the audience and the sound guy turned the vocals up. Seems they've gotten better at the live thing.  They played for 45 minutes or so, lots of the first cd, 3 off the second, and a couple of new ones(!) .  I'm glad that they're still putting new stuff out, it sounded great.  They had a cool, layed back stage presence, which was nice after the STP set had me wanting to take it easy.  Overall, the concert was just incredible... really fucking tiring, but incredible.

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Sounds like a pretty sweet day Junk.


As for the gig I'm looking forward to. Idlewild this Thursday at the Portsmouth Pyraminds. Gonna be sweet coz they'll be debuting lots of new material from the up-and-coming album and I got an interview for the uni magazine. As you can guess, I'm feeling pretty psyched.

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This thursday MLB, you lucky bast!


Over here there's a few gigs in May, Muse and Hives, my bro wants to check out Rocket From The Crypt and then there's Ozzfest at the end of May. July, there's the Witnness festival over two days headlined by Oasis, No Doubt, Chemical Brothers and the Foo Fighters (whom I've never seen live so it'd be worth hanging around thru stuff I'm not into like No Doubt). So many gigs, so little cash!

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Isn't tool going to be at the ozzfest over there?  I'd never give up a chance to see them, they are absolutely incredible.  At the drive in was really cool, but nowhere near on the level of ozzy or tool IMO.  Tool damned well better swing by miami on their regular tour.  Supposedly Idlewild is touring america too, I'll look out for that.

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Idlewild touring America? Where have you been Junk. They have been touring America on-and-off for the last year or so. Dude, you gotta wait till the next time round, its the Brits turn now. Quit hogging.  :D


Yeah Tool are playing. I quite like their stuff but have been told they are a boring live act. Don't shoot the messenger.


As for which headliners to watch. The people I'm going with all like Black Sabbath so my guess is Hundred Reasons probably won't even get a look-in. Shame really since I've only seen them live once and that was ages ago when they were supposrting Idlewild. Meant to be much better now.

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well, sure, idlewild has toured america, but now I know who the hell they are, I'm hoping they'll do it against soon.  As for tool being boring live, um, nope.  Well, I don't know about festivals though.  In an amphitheatre with big screens and shit the show is cool as hell, hell, the upside down underwater lesbian zombie sex they put up on the screen was worth the price of admission.  They're prolly not quite as good in a festival, but they still played pretty badass, great solos and stuff like that, so them minus all the big screens and effects would still rock.  I'd say people who thought they were boring prolly just came for Schism and Sober or something.

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Can't say I'm too much of a Tool fan, I've given them a chance before but whatever I've heard just didn't do it for me? ???

There're a few bands that're really big in America but hardly get any play here, can't say I know even one STP song?


Well Muse and Hives have sold out, my own fault for indecision! If I get round to buying tickets for any gigs, I'll let you know...

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Wow, never heard an STP song.... holy god damn... I couldn't imagine living through life.... download "Interstate love song"  "Big empty" "Plush" "trippin on a hole in a paper heart" "Sex type thing"  fuck... just get anything from them, especialy from the cds Core or Purple.


 Couldn't imagine anyone not liking tool either, but hey, whatever. They were big fans of bill hicks though, they have clips of him on "third eye".  Maybe ya havent heard the right songs?  "Eulogy" "Aenima" "46&2" "Lateralus" "prison sex"... dont mean to pimp em so much if they just ain't your cup of tea, but I couldn't fathom not liking tool, call me close minded.

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Wow, never heard an STP song.... holy god damn... I couldn't imagine living through life....

You remind me of Ned Flanders when he finds out Bart, Lisa and Maggie haven't been baptised! :D


I gave Schism a listen on loud volume, I must admit I'd 'heard' it before but not 'listened' if you get my meaning, not too bad, might try to download something at the weekend, same for STP (took me a while to work out that acronym when you kept saying it).


I'll give em a shot, dunno if they'd be my style tho.

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Hey the majority of this forum is from Miami, yes? I found this when i was clearing up my mail box, where it was sent from Astralwerks, I've not heard any of you mention it, did anyone go? If not i have to say i'm dissapointed! ???



A gorgeous Miami afternoon. Thousands of sun-soaked

fans taking over Nikki Beach Club. An open invitation

to anyone and everyone. Can you imagine a more perfect

setting for a party? Neither could we, so we did it

twice! That's the way it happened at the Astralwerks

SPF 2002 party and the Naked On The Beach party at

Winter Music Conference. Over 15,000 fans were treated

to the sonic delights of Daft Punk, Fatboy Slim,

Cassius, Jacques Lu Cont and Richard Scanty on

Saturday and the sexy sounds of Lazy Dog, Miguel Migs,

Lisa Shaw, DJ Dixon, Gabriel Rene, Mauricio Aviles,

Rene Arsenault, and Metro Area at the Naked Music

party on Monday. Thanks and congratulations to all the

artists and also our inimitable partners at NakedMusic

for delivering such inspirational and diverse music for

both events.


Dimitri From Paris offered up some grooves of his own,

DJ'ing the Respect Is Burning party at the gorgeous

Opium Garden. Dimitri proved his title as the "Prince

of Deluxe Funk" is well earned, bringing the crowd to

a disco-funked frenzy with his set, taking several

tunes from his recent release "After The Playboy


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Guest Yahve
The Prodigy

Green Day

Foo Fighters Oasis Chem Bros


argggg  :angry:   Why wont they come to Miami,  why can't they come when i don't have finals !!!!    :baa:

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Wha? You just had The Miami Winter Music Conference you lucky swine  :D


Btw SOF, Witnness looks to be shaping up nicely too :approve:


Oh & MLB! I grew up beside a beach in Edinburgh for 19 years, still not sure what one is meant to be though ???

Now to get the dictionary and look up 'sun'!

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Hehe, sun? You whingin' Scottsman


Just saw Idlewild last night. Ended up just interviewing the drummer. Suppose its just coz I'm only from a lowly uni mag, dammit. But was still very cool.


The live show is wicked. Got a friend to make some short movies which are then projected onto a screen during the songs, some of which are wicked. Roddy's voice just keeps on getting better, he's more confident now, and the new material rocks. Watch out for a couple of new songs called 'American English' and 'I am what I am not' (or something similar), both of which were stunning live.


Still buzzing, very cool gig.

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Cool MLB, did you find out if they were playing Ireland? :D


I know what you're saying about Roddy's voice, listened to the clips of 'Captain' on their website, you can definitely hear a vocal progression from Captain -> Hope Is Important -> 100 Broken Windows -> for now at least, You Held The World In Your Arms.


I'm getting more and more psyched about 'The Remote Part' being the best yet. YHTWIYA is out tomorrow too, it got named single of the week in Kerrang, winning by a country mile, gonna be an Idlewild feature next week, their website says the NME'll have a feature too.

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Just saw this on Idlewild's site, you going to this Judge? ???

Idlewild have just confirmed that they will appear at this year's T In The Park festival! Idlewild will perform on Saturday on the NME Stage.


This year's line-up not only boasts Idlewild, but also the likes of Oasis, Ian Brown, Primal Scream, Starsailor, Gomez, Foo Fighters, The Hives, Green Day, Mercury Rev, Badly Drawn Boy & lots more!

Seems to be shaping up nicely too! :approve:

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Just got back from Zeta's Bonzai concert over here and I'm still pumped up about it, it was amazing.  It was half shitty bands (Kid rock, puddle of mud, every one hit wonder on the radio at the moment)  And half incredible bands (Jerry Cantrell, Rob Zombie, Gravity Kills, Kevin martin of candlebox, local H)  It was a trip.  First band I saw was gravity kills, who I now like a lot more after seeing live, I don't see em as as much of a NIN ripoff any more, granted, they have they're influences, but thats why NIN is one of my favorite bands & gravity kills is just very good.  Their keyboardist had a platform on the keyboard for him to jump on top of, cool as hell.  They played a really hard, good version of "Personal Jesus" by depeche mode!  Next one I saw was Local H, really cool band that noone knows about till they hear that one song they got big with, "bound to the floor."  They're not a one hit wonder!  They're fookin' great, almost died in those pits...  Then came the guy from candlebox, played mostly candlebox songs and some of his new stuff, which is pretty good, so needless to say that was great.  Then there was the great Jerry Cantrell.  Played an incredible set of half his own solo material, which is really damned good, and half AIC stuff, which was just mindblowing.  I'm glad he was able to remain focused after Stanley's death.  After him, I had to stand in front of rob zombies stage (there were three stages) while puddle of mud was playing their shit right next to us.... I played snake on my cell phone untill people started pushing to get up front for rob.  Zombie was just amazing.  He actually played a lot of white zombie songs, which for some reason I didn't think he'd do, but that, as well as his solo stuff was awesome.  The man knows how to put on a great show.  He had these giant robots come up on stage and walk around, then some big nasty looking bat monsters, robotic drummers, hot chicks with odd laser lights, everyhing and the kitchen sink.  One bit I loved is that he showed the audience a few minutes worth of the movie he made: "house of 1000 corpses" and damn it looked disturbing and cool as hell.  NC-17, I think it'll be the first really good B-movie style horror movie in AGES.  Can't say enough about zombie's performance, there's no way kid rock could have followed that, if I were him, I'd be crying backstage.  90% of the people there left after rob, myself included.  Despite the stupidity of our radiostation having kid rock headline over rob zombie, and having puddle of mud get more time than jerry cantrell (INEXCUSABLE) it was a really great show, can't wait to see rob again at ozzfest.

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