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Band of Brothers

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Finally looking to check this one out, after a lot of great reviews. I know Spielberg and Hanks are behind it, and its about Easy Comapny of WW II, but i didnt realize it was only one season - im in the process of downloading it, but there's subtitle files so im a bit wary.

Amazon's review:


An impressively rigorous, unsentimental, and harrowing look at combat during World War II, Band of Brothers follows a company of airborne infantry--Easy Company--from boot camp through the end of the war. The brutality of training takes the audience by increments to the even greater brutality of the war; Easy Company took part in some of the most difficult battles, including the D-Day invasion of Normandy, the failed invasion of Holland, and the Battle of the Bulge, as well as the liberation of a concentration camp and the capture of Hitler's Eagle's Nest. But what makes these episodes work is not their historical sweep but their emphasis on riveting details (such as the rattle of a plane as the paratroopers wait to leap, or a flower in the buttonhole of a German soldier) and procedures (from military tactics to the workings of bureaucratic hierarchies). The scope of this miniseries (10 episodes, plus an actual documentary filled with interviews with surviving veterans) allows not only a thoroughness impossible in a two-hour movie, but also captures the wide range of responses to the stress and trauma of war--fear, cynicism, cruelty, compassion, and all-encompassing confusion. The result is a realism that makes both simplistic judgments and jingoistic enthusiasm impossible; the things these soldiers had to do are both terrible and understandable, and the psychological price they paid is made clear. The writing, directing, and acting are superb throughout. The cast is largely unknown, emphasizing the team of actors as a whole unit, much like the regiment; Damian Lewis and Ron Livingston play the central roles of two officers with grit and intelligence. Band of Brothers turns a vast historical event into a series of potent personal experiences; it's a deeply engrossing and affecting accomplishment.


Anyone else seen it, or does this thread go quietly like 24 and The Shield?

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My friend Mastin ( from the knoll) lent me the entire box set about half a year ago, it deserves vast amounts of attention.

For a t.v series it's one hell of a brutal take on ww2.

IC, I'm sure the Subs are for parts in German and French. Can never be sure though, might end up with a fucking spanish dub. Better yet, the subs might just be in another language and the audio is left untouched.


IC, if you enjoyed Saving Private Ryan then this will entertain you.

By the way a new Band of Brothers is being produce, in Iraq following the S.A.S patrol teams, the other teams opposed to Bravo Two Zero and such I believe.

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on episode 3 of 10 so far, and its strikingly intense. I really hesitated a bit for my feeling that WW II material'd been overdone, but this is an impressive look from the ground, thus far.


David Schwimmer (sp?) as a drill instructor was unexpected.


by the way, it looks like sonny's thing about the Iraq or SAS new volume of this didnt come about. shame, that.

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got the full blu-ray set for like 35! go go best buy sales


Fantastic show though and worth the whole 80 bucks, all the extra stuff with the real men of the company is always great.

That is a fucking fantastic deal you got on it! The cheapest you can get it now is for $43 on amazon. Everyone likely jacked up the price a few bucks for Father's Day. The series itself is fantastic. I watched it when it first came out on HBO. I'd like to get the DVD set for the supplements though. Maybe when the DVD set gets down to like $25 or $30.


Anyone who likes this series should check out the D-Day Museum (technically re-christned the National WWII Museum) in New Orleans if they're ever there. It's a great interactive museum and was co-founded by Stephen Ambrose--who wrote the book the series took its name from.

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But if we can get it on Blu ray...


I've been curious about this one too. Funny that it's totally getable for about AU$30 but I just haven't been arsed.


I pitched this to you before and you were pretty meh about it. Besides the war stuff is my arena. You just keep doing your sterling job of pitching crime/gang stuff. I still havent finished the shield mind you.

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Amazon had the DVD set on sale for $30 and Blu-Ray for $38. My Christmas money was burning a hole in my pocket and I sprang for the BR set. I'm only two episodes in as the interactive BR features have me re-watching ea. episode two or 3 times. This is the only thing better than having my grandpa tell me his old WWII stories.

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