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The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion


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This game is amazing, since I got it about a month ago I have probably sunk at least 80 or so hours into it, the level of freedom this game offers you is nearly unparallelled. Not to mention it is pretty, very pretty, anyone who says the Xbox 360 doesn't look that much better than what is currently out there needs to take a look at this game, holy god!


This game has an amazing viewable distance, you can see landmarks for miles. For example the main city in the game has a spire that is incredibly tall, you can see that spire from almost anywhere on the map on a clear day. It is truly impressive.


The quests in this game are amazing and varied, and being able to do things however you want is great. This game just plain rocks my socks.


Review from the Villiage Voice:


You know that jones. You know it too well. Sometimes you gotta have a full pound bag of Skittles; sometimes you gotta drink coffee until you grind your teeth. And sometimes you gotta play until you drop. That's the way it is with OBLIVION. And that's because the developers, Bethesda Softworks, have carefully crafted their Elder Scrolls games since 1994. Beyond craftmanship, they have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to using new technology seamlessly. So when Oblivion, the lastest installment in the series, was postponed for the Xbox 360, gamers everywhere drew heavy sighs of sadness. Without doubt, it would have been the killer app when the 360 was released last fall.


Two weeks ago when Oblivion was finally unleashed, palpable joy was everywhere. Not only is Oblivion filled with the most beautiful graphics to date for Microsoft's next generation hardware, it's rife with compelling play that takes the RPG genre to a new level. That's why it's the top selling game in the country. That's why bloggers have moved from ecstasy into rapture when they talk breathlessly about it.


For me, what matters most in Oblivion is its compelling story and the way it unfolds. After an opening movie full of expansive scenery and massive architecture worthy of Peter Jackson in The Lord of the Rings, you start out in a dingy cell being browbeaten by a prisoner whose body you can't see. Suddenly, the embattled emperor of Tamriel (who looks a little like Sen. John McCain after he's made nice with Jerry Falwell) appears with an entourage, and they move through a hidden tunnel in your cell to run from assassins. Although you're told not to, you follow through creepy, catacomb-like recesses beneath the prison. You can almost smell the dankness.


After you choose the kind of character you'd like to be, you'll begin with a tutorial that shows you how to kill: You start with an RPG staple, giant rats. They die easily, but their bites do cause wounds. (By clicking the right controller stick, I moved from the first person perspective to the third person just because it's easier to see the rats attack.) You'll find a bow and arrow, and you'll learn how to shoot. And you'll cast magic spells full of wild animation.


The key to enjoying the rich experience of Oblivion is to have a wide-eyed sense of discovery and a nagging need to explore everything. Because of the circuitous routes you take, you'll probably get lost now and then. The game itself helps you to find your way with everything from a compass to various maps. You'll also encounter zombies and goblins early on, and the way they pop out of the darkness frightens you in the way the Doom 3 did. As you move forward, you'll end up in Sancre Tor, which is full of the undead. Ghosts here will help you, and scare your pants off, too. Tip: To fight off the ghosts, you can't use just any weapon. You'll have to find a silver weapon.


If you've never played an RPG before, this really is the one to buy. You'll also want to search the Web for some needed help when things get tough (various walk-throughs are available, and so is a guide you can purchase in bookstores). Oblivion is truly immersive adventure of sword and sorcery. Novices who take the time to play will be hooked in about an hour. And the hardened gamers? Your hearts will melt as your quest becomes more and more complex and graphically intense. You will play until you drop, and when you get up, you'll play until you drop again. Even when it's done, it's not done. As George Carlin mused, "Just 'cause you got the monkey off your back doesn't mean the circus has left town."






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Yeah, I got one late last year. Friggen awesome system. Love the features of it and the games are sweet. I understand about the cost, I suppose. Still probably the wave of the future for prices. PS3 is probably going to cost a lot more.


It's worth it though for some of these games. Oblivion is amazing, absolutely amazing. This game is so fun and deep its hard to believe.

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I've got Oblivion for PC, best RPG i've ever played. Even though it's offline I can't get enough. Anyone that played Morrowind elderscrolls 3 will relate to it completely. It is very similar but adds so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so much more. I've played 90 hours of this already.

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What are the specs of your PC, just kinda curious. What setting do you have the game set to because man the 360 kicks the snot out of that screenshot. No offense. Then again, the gameplay is the same, so that still kicks.


Then again, I can't take a screenshot of my guy, and it's a shame to because he looks fucking badass in his Black Hand gear.

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Your spot on right. My PC really isn't that good


Appart from the Hyperthreaded CPU

CPU's 3.2 GHZ

768 MB RAM ( That's my biggest downfall )

Ati Radeon X700 256 MB, this is where the graphics come into play, it really isn't that good a card but I can run oblivion nice and smooth...

As for the graphics I have them all set to medium.

See the thing with the PC version is the amount of addons you can add to the game just to completely boost the experiance. Like for instance I got a little addon yesterday where you can take around a portable tent and bedroll, with a little campfire!

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I've been playing on Bishop's 360 and I must say the graphics are incredible, better than the screen shot you got, but the lack of free-for all mods, patches, and upgrades is annoying, the game isn't that buggy for something right out the door but there is definately room for improvement.

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