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World Cup 2006 Germany

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Well, well, i've got a list of teams that are in great shape and players that I root for... Ay-a-yay....ok, so Germany looks great, they were not so strong in the Euro cup, but they have great potential and they play at home. Italy is one of my favorites...so when they play yup, I'll be sweating them..

and then there is the Czech Republic...why? cuz they are the undersdogs...and I fancy them


Brazil...well, I really like Ronaldinho, but i dunno if he could save the day.

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yeah, it would be shit if england won, what with being their neighbours and everything, they'd constantly rub it in our face, even though the last time ireland played england, we were 1-0 up

then the hooligans tore out stadium apart and the game got cancelled

in conclusion


england = pussies

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