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The 3rd Annual Hondo Awards

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Yes, the awards are back! I've learned many things from the two years that I've done these and this awards is a reflection of that! I've always said that I didn't want these awards to be a superlative type of thing that was gay! I also never intented to make 'em where everybody wins something cause "we're all special"! I wanted it to be something that when you won, it ment something and if you didn't win, well... better luck next year! Maybe even push those people to be more creative! It's worked so far (for the most part), but I still seem to run into people that complain! This year I went with the things that worked and scraped the shit that didn't! So here you have it... a slimmer, more straight-to-the-point awards! I'm sure it ain't perfect, but it's getting there!


Here are this years categories (let me know what you think):


1) Best Username (new category) - Self-explanatory! Nominate those whom you think has a smart, creative, funny or whatever member title!


2) Best Signature


3) Best Avatar - Now I know these two will be hard (cause everybody is always changing thier shits all the time), but try to go with the people that consistantly have cool sigs and avatars all the time!


4) Best Thread - Now with this one, we wanna go with threads that have been hot, funny, crazy, whatever (not just lengthy) within the LAST YEAR! Meaning, no oldies, but goodies! New shit only!


5) Most Obsessed - We have lots of members that are fuckin' obsessed with something! Find as many obsessions as you can and I'll make a list of the best! Look back to previous awards for ideas!


6) Hondo's Underdog (the changed name of Most Underrated) - This award is for new OR old members that are around, but haven't had thier breakout thing yet! Thier close, but still haven't really made a name for themselves! Nominate the folks that you think that thier next year could be thier year!


7) Hondo's Villian - Duh! Nominate the most vile dick on here! A muthafucker that just likes to kick babies and shit in your food! Just cause!


8) Rookie of the Year - We have new members and newish members that are really cool! Choose the one that has been the best with thier short time here on Hondos!


9) Nicest Hondonian - Who's the member that when you read her, I mean, THIER posts, you just want to plant a tree or something? Niceness to like the 10th degree!


10) Funniest Hondonian - Choose that fucker that cracks you up with every post!


11) Smartest Hondonian - You know thier smart when you go into a thread and it's like a fuckin' novel that they wrote in one post! Honestly, I don't even really read those shits!


12) Best Looking Dude - Choose that guy that is so dreamy!


13) Hottest Chick - Same with the chicks! Let the topless shots fly!


14) Hondonian of the Year (the merge between Most Valuable Poster and Most Talented) - This is the prize of all prizes! This is for the Hondonians that if they wheren't on or where to go away, Hondos wouldn't be as cool! You all know what I'm talkin' about?


Ok, now the next thing that needs to be done is up to y'all! Go ahead and copy the categories and paste 'em in a PM! Under each category put 8 to 10 names in who you think would be good candidates for each category! Then send 'em back to me! It's important that we get everybody to participate!


Once I get enough, I'll comprise a list of those that got the most nominations in each category and then we got an awards show! When I feel everything's done then I'll make the polls to decide the fates of those nominated! Get it?


Now don't get to carried away lettin' everybody know who you're choosin', but DO use this thread to talk about, pimp or whatever else about the awards! Good luck everyone!


If anyone has any questions... ASK!

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Hat envy I guess. You ever see the shape of that head of his. How the fuck can he wear a hat. He can't wear a hat over that thing he calls a head.

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Ill run my noms past you soon, i think we got a lotta good ones this year, but youve done good the last 2 years to make sure not many people were left off the list.


i know its controversial, but i dont like the Most Talented Hondonian being eaten by MVP. Talent (athletic, artistsic etc) shouldnt be left out, no matter how nasty that one gets.


ps what happend to "Hacker"? what others got removed?

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I also never intented to make 'em where everybody wins something cause "we're all special"! I wanted it to be something that when you won, it ment something and if you didn't win, well... better luck next year!

It's like you can hear Kara's voice in Pancho's post. Eerie!


What? No "Entrepreneur of the Year"? That's racism!

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So there's still gonna be polls right? I love agonizing over polls, sweating and waiting for that golden reacharound seeing the progress or something.

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