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The 3rd Annual Hondo Awards

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Arch...........think back to your Prom............... only in this case...






That would fucked it up as opposed to...


I thought you were... err... what you said...




Oh, nevermind, I misunderstood... Do it again.

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arch - i disagree, but its panch's call, he's running the awards show. im betting he's not gonna have them altered at this point, but worse comes to worse, you can do with the award as you like. there's always ebay, but tis really crapping on his works 's all.

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...so, these awards dont have much time left, looks like were seeing the final results here. Here's my take on it:


Username - Baytor's got it, just barely over Jax & Panch. Pretty much how idve figured it with those guys, tho i personally think Chief got gypped.


Best sig - this is going to MM, and i cant argue with that. I wanted to see it go elsewhere kinda cause i like the awards to be spread out, but i cant deny MM put work in his sigs this year so its a fair call. MH got overlooked here a bit, tho.


Avatar - MH got this one, which is cool cause she too works on her avatars, prolly the only custom-ones i see as often as i do. Im glad arnah and that theif 2T did well, SOF shouldve too.

KOS wouldve shined if he was around more, his is still class.


Best Thread - See, this is like back when i bought comics (like a sucker) - there's always books you look forward more to than others.

Typically, i come back around here, i just go forum to forum, but there's always a thread or two i tend to read first, and this is a strong-ass list 'cause most of the ones here, i did that with them.

Anyway, i thought Playboy one was a sure-shot cause its been done before (several times) but never really took off like that one did, im not surprised the war one's winning (i never saw a thread move that fast) but i went with the Hondonian cause it was a fun, original concept i looked forward to.


most obsessed - Panch got this one, newtype really deserved more, as did Ruby but theyre less outspoken. Jumbie's was funny, Rach's was accurate, this was a better list than this catergory usually gets. Arch damn near took this one, though.


Underdog (aka the singal award, tho sig didnt get a vote cause of his abscense) - Thought acal had this on lock, then arnah came up, now PoD's ahead by a nose! Another tight list that im happy to see any of those 3 win. Good work from Crimson too, Ruby shoulda seen more votes tho.


Villian - Yeah, im still glad to see Skeeter winnin cause he earned it. Panch kicks up dust, Arch can get under folks' skin, but cmon, Skeet was ridiculous this year.


Rookie - the newbie award! Don and Baytor got gypped here....Senshik seems to have it, tho Ly (rightfully) came close. The others largely didnt get enough air time, DoJ aside.


Nicest - Man, i totally hope MH is a bitch this next year so someone else gets a shot...hah.


Funniest - same here, another lock. Skeet took it like Tomei took that oscar, but 2T has to be both absent and dead to not get this one, despite his reluctancy.


Smartest - Controversy aside, Arch housed here. Bishop, Kara, Jumbie etc really didnt get a chance here though, sadly....the votes in this one always look uneven to me though.


gayest hottest dude - my vote's still up here, i can either tie things for skeeter and get a wolvy-standup (and not doop) or panch's "very fine/fine" comic. Plus, 2T guilts me about how i got treated like a princess at megacon.

I kinda wanna see this one go another round tho....


Hottest chick - jesus, it feels like the other chicks didnt even show up for this, cause everyone voted (like usual) before other pics got put up, but then again, its hard to argue with LL's snatch.


Hondonian of the Year TM - Man, that's cold what happend to Jax.

Panch, 2T, MH rightfully came up a wee bit, but MM owned this one like anyone coudla predicted.


So, all in all....only slightly imbalanced, i think, no more than usual. MH, 2T and MM all sweep with 2 awards each, either Panch or Skeet will follow soon. Good show, definitely less drama than last year, somehow.

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well the awards definitely injected some life into this place again.


kinda trailing in hottest dude myself but theres always next year. when will the next awards be? december 2006? haha

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So when do we get on the tie-breakers & how long they gonna have? It's not that I'm a grabby bastard I swear, it's just Hottest Villian has such a ring to it. :yup:

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Yay! The Awards are officially OHVA!! Yup, here's your winners... congrats to all...


Best Username - IamBaytor


Best Signature - MusicManiac


Best Avatar - MetalHeart


Best Thread - Hondo's Bar VS The Grassy Knoll - 2Track


Most Obsessed - Apanchalypse Now - Zombies


Hondo's Underdog - Picture of Dorian


Hondo's Villian - Skeeter


Rookie of the Year - Senshik


Nicest Hondonian - MetalHeart


Funniest Hondonian - 2Track


Smartest Hondonian - Archangel


Best Looking Dude - TIE - Apanchalypse Now/Skeeter (See Tie-breaker Poll)


Hottest Chick - La Lindsay


Hondonian or the Year - MusicManiac

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Can't complain too much, though. I did manage to get nominated for the "You've Been a Member For Countless Years But Didn't Get Any Other Nominations So We Stuck You On This List You Don't Stand a Chance For Because We Felt Obligated" award. :2T:

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Can't complain too much, though. I did manage to get nominated for the "You've Been a Member For Countless Years But Didn't Get Any Other Nominations So We Stuck You On This List You Don't Stand a Chance For Because We Felt Obligated" award. :coffee:


man...i push to get you onto the Hondo's greatest one, and you dont even campaign for it. Of course you were gettin left off the others; there's no talented this year (for some reason), youre neither a newbie nor an underdog, and sadly, no threads you started resulted in people crying.

Panch fit you on there where he could, man. :2T:

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aw, i didnt win shit either, im still happy for the winners - dont be salty, ya'll. and remember: you can always make your own banner for your own award, its never stopped jax, 2T, anybody else.

There's still a good running for this year's "most gypped", for instance.

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