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Hey, the DVD one :D accidentally made was interesting, so flaunt your games.


I (sadly) sold off my old Atari 400, Sega Master System & Genesis collections, they were fucknig amazing. You shoulda seen em. Anyway, here's what i got left off the top of my head:



Metal Gear Solid 2

Way of the Samurai


(bishop's copies of) Xenosaga II, MGS 3 and Katamari Damacy


Nintendo Gamecube

X-Men Legends 1 & 2

Zelda: Wind Waker

Resident Evil

Metroid Fusion


Super Smash Bros Melee

Super Monkey Ball

Bomberman Generations

some others im forgetting


My dreamcast and amazing SNES library forthcoming. Post yours, especially your PS2 ones so i can borrow and copy them so we can see who's got what games in common. Also, bear in mind my list's not very long cause i typicaly beat em and trade em back to make ends meet.

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nonsense! its just a survey! what harm comes from that?!


for instance, :ohface: has:



Ultimate Spiderman

Hulk: Destruction

Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2

We love katamari

God of War


and numerous others. Howd i know? because i scratched them off my list! i asked!

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hey, uh, you have GTA right? Vice or San Andreas? oh, and I forgot to add Mega Man and SF collections, those are both greats, panch.


also, just out of curioisity, holla if you have the following:


MGS 3 Subsistence (all 3 discs)

Suikoden 5


Devil May Cry 3

Tekken 5

Max Payne

Way of the Samurai II

Red Dead Revolver


Fatal Frame 2

Midway Arcade Hits vol 2

Resident Evil 4

Marvel Nemesis

Def Jam fight for NY

Parappa 2


that one about ghosts that FDB talked about


...because, tragically, my legitimate, store-bought copies all got stolen by black people. I would simply like to borrow these games for about 10-15 minutes a time (worth of legit play!) to remember them fondly, then return them. Also, indicate if tuesday, thursday or friday is a better day for your schedule. Thanks panch & everyone!

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Don't fall for this people! This is just a ploy from Nick to try to find out what PS2 games you got so that he can borrow and burn your games! All of y'all that work hard for your money to purchase these extreamly expensive games should not fall for Nick's evil schemes!


IC gives me a call the other day asking if I can make the X3 movie. Said he need a fanboy to talk with. I'm like yeah why not I'll go. He said great and what day to meet up. Turns around and tells me to PM him a list of PS2 games that he can borrow from me. Long on to Hondo's a few minutes later and what do I find but this thread. In other words he didn't call cause I'm his friend. He called me to jack my games.





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aw, that's messed up - all jokes aside, yeah, i want to copy everyone's games and catch up on all the shit ive missed out on since my ps2 got ripped off a few years ago. My schedule's crazy with this medic class and im really lookin forward to filling this new system with all the games i couldnt play, so i figured id borrow em off the folks i know that live out here...not like i dont wanna go visit people anyway.


But i called 'cause you called a few times last few days and ive not been around...cmon, i also posted this for X3 cause i want more fanboys going. But you know you got like most of the games on that list i put above, so i figure why not?


doesnt that tale just warm your heart? doesnt it just make you want to lend out those games for like a day? please, think of the children!

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Have fun reading


1. Arc the Lad


2. Atelier Iris


3. Bloodrayne 2


4. Burnout 3


5. Burnout revenge


6. Call of duty 1


7. Call of duty 2


8. Capcom Classic collection


9. Champions of Norrath


10. DDR Extreme (with dance pad)


11. Demon stone


12. Disgaea (If you want everything from this game you'll need about 400 hours of gameplay)


13. Darkcloud 2


13. Dragonquest VIII (with FFXII demo plus about 80 hours of gameplay)


14. Dynasty warriors 5


15. Final fantasy X-2


16. Front mission 4


17. Gladius


18. God of war


19. Growlanser Generations


20. Katamari Damacy


21. Killzone


22. La pucelle tactics


23. Leisure suit larry (For $10 I'll try any game)


24. Makai Kingdom


25. Mercenaries


26. Punisher


27. Radiata Stories


28. Ratchet n Clank going commando


29. Ratchet n Clank up your arsenal


30. Resident evil 4


31. Robot Alchemic drive


32. Robotech Battlefront


33. Samuria legend musashi


34. Samuria warriors


35. Serious sam


36. Shadow hearts 2


37. Sonic Mega collection


38. Star ocean


39. Starwars battlefront


40. Suikoden 3


41. Taiko drum master ( with drum)


42. Viewtiful joe 1


43. Viewtiful joe 2


44. We love katamari


45. Wild arms 4


46. X-men legends 2


47. Xenosaga 1


48. Xenosaga 2 (Someday I will beat this game. I need to get over the sloppy gameplay)


49. Y's (those fuckers pissed me off with that april fool's joke a few years back )


50. Ape Escape 3


51. Grandia III


52. Shadowhearts 3


53. Tales of legendia


54. Starwars battlefront II


55. Black


56. Ratchet n Clank


57. Ratchet n Clank deadlocked


58. MGS 3 Subsistence (all 3 discs)


59. Psychonauts


60. Devil May Cry 3


61. Atelier Iris 2




63. Mega Man X collections


64. dot hack 1-4


65. Bard's tale


Just so you know. The only reason the 16 games are out of order is cause I posted a list last year on another thread. I wasn't about to rewrite the whole thing.




please, think of the children!


Hell you talking about. What children?

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Nice list. How are La Pucelle, Demon Stone, and Bard's Tale?


La Pucelle is a fun little rpg from the same people who made Disgaea.


Demon Stone turned out to be good game. I had fun playing this game.


Bard's Tale. Lets just say whatever you know about RPG cliches. Throw them out the window cause they

don't follow the rules. Like this:


Narrator: "The Bard slayed the wolf, which had apparently consumed a weapon, several sundry goods, and the contents of a small treasury... wait this can't be right."

The Bard: "That's nothing, once I killed a rat and a chest popped out. An entire CHEST!!"

Narrator: "Well, in either case I shall skip over such passages in the future."

The Bard: "Hey! That's a valuable source of income!"


Princess: "You must got to the top of the tower and break the seal there, then we can speak again."

The Bard: "Hold on, hold on, A tower? Or THE tower."


Bodb: "You'll need a key to get through the gate."

The Bard: "Let me guess, it's at the top of a tower guarded by an evil wizard and his horrible minions."

Bodb: "No, I have it right here, why would you think that?"

The Bard: "Huh, first time for everything."


Just to let people know. I still have to post my ps1,gameboy,gamecube, and my DS games.

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you never know. i could have babies. Right now, though, this PS2 is it.


jesus, that is an amazing list, though. Samuria legend musashi, Ys, Wild arms 4, Black - how are these? is psychonauts as good as people said? cause it won a lotta awards last year, the x-box version anyway.

and you know i just wanna rubberneck suikoden IV, but im not really that interested. i was at EB, tried readin the strategy guide and that alone bored me.


ps :ohface: - how bout this: I borrow your shit, and forgive you (officially) for losing Zombies Ate My Neighbors, aka the greatest SNES game of all time. think about it!

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Samuria legend musashi is a fun game. It got good reviews.


It's a fucking Y's game. Just the name alone should make you want to play it.


Wild arms 4 is a ok game. picked it up for $10


psychonauts is a sweet sweet game. You'll love it.


Black is one of the best looking game on the PS2. This game is insane. Even on easy this game is hard as hell. You can't just run an gun. You need to think ahead.



If my stuff wasn't stolen a few years back I'll would've been up there with you MM. I had a top loading NES for crying out loud.

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I thought Black kinda stunk. IT WAS EXACTLY the fact that on occasion you couldn't run and gun that detracted me from including it in my list of best. The Graph's were pretty sweet though.



Oh shit yeah back in the day I had an atari,32x and sega cd that worked... all gone now.

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IIRC the performance on the PS2 one is supposed to be ass. I played through 1 and 2 on the Xbox and they were choice, I know the PC version has mods, but otherwise the Xbox version is a close second.


The game really is a fun as hell game to play through.

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On PS2 i've got :


Full Spectrum Warrior

Splinter Cell

Need for speed underground 1 and 2

EA Rugby

GTA Vice city

Tony hawks pro skater 3

had Killzone but sold it for reasons i cant remember, same with matt hoffmans bmx 2


On PC:


nearly every command and conquer title there is. although down through the years ive lost most of em/broken em

Unreal tournament (the original and best, 100 frag last man standing deathmatch anyone? with 8 freakin people)

40k fire warrior

40k dawn of war

star trek voyager elite force

sim city 3000

starfleet academy

dungeon keeper

the sims

star trek: birth of the federation

shogun: total war

worms armageddon

i lost Theme hospital and Age of empires-2 years ago, which still pisses me off

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Hey Crim, how is this one? [Full Spectrum Warrior.]




IIRC the performance on the PS2 one is supposed to be ass. I played through 1 and 2 on the Xbox and they were choice, I know the PC version has mods, but otherwise the Xbox version is a close second.


The game really is a fun as hell game to play through.



I loved Max 1... skipped 2 cause I heard it was trash... was I wrong?

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