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BLACK Review (Xbox)- team xbox.





It doesn’t get much better than this on the Xbox and just when we thought the Xbox 360 has all but made us forget about its predecessor, BLACK comes out of nowhere and wows us all.



On the level with any of the best theatrical soundtracks out there, BLACK pounds through a 5.1 surround system as if it can barely be contained. Gunfire, explosions and ambient effects are dead on and thunderous.






Within minutes of playing BLACK, the adrenaline was already pumping through my veins as the sheer amount of explosive action taking place felt much like that of any other shooter’s later levels. BLACK is a no holds barred first-person shooter that puts plenty of firepower in your hands, on a relentless path of destruction over the course of eight levels. Developed by the company that has become famous for the Burnout series, BLACK takes Criterion’s concept of destructible objects to a whole new level. While the gameplay is ferociously intense, and the weaponry is extremely detailed, BLACK suffers from a few key pitfalls that ultimately prevent this game from becoming one of the best shooters we’ve seen in quite some time.




While I was playing BLACK someone came into the room and asked if I was watching a movie. It’s really that good and that pronounced. Just be careful not to play BLACK with the volume too loud or your neighbors might call 911 and report a domestic dispute taking place. Pretty much everything about the game’s audio from the sound effects to the theatrical soundtrack are perfectly done to keep the gameplay as intense as possible from start to finish.


The Story


Without much introduction, BLACK begins with a live action cut-scene taking place as a soldier named Keller is being interrogated by a member of some sort of covert military intelligence operation. Using a highly stylized visual approach, BLACK’s storyline will unfold as a flashback that unravels as this interrogation progresses and the government is able to acquire information from Keller about the events that have taken place over the course of the last four days. We aren’t given enough information to really get much of a clue what’s going on, but it is obvious that Keller is a member of a highly trained military force known simply as BLACK.


The goal of this covert organization is to combat global terrorism by relying on precise tactical strikes that take place below the radar of the general public, allowing a blanket of secrecy to mask BLACK’s actions. In order to protect the United States from both foreign and domestic threats, the members of BLACK must travel around the globe, engaging in combat in any environment and on all levels of warfare. In addition to combat, BLACK operatives are well skilled in the arts of espionage and psychological war. Upholding the security of the nation is of utmost importance and this is achieved by any and all means necessary.






Frustratingly, just when it seems the pieces of the puzzle may finally come together and the shroud of mystery that has kept the game’s story hidden, it’s all over without tying up many loose ends. But then again, BLACK doesn’t seem at all interested with much of a story and it doesn’t appear apologetic either. The game is about guns, bullets and explosions as well as the delight we take as gamers in blowing stuff up. On the other hand, it almost seems a pity that Criterion didn’t invest a bit more time in developing the game’s story, which displayed a great potential to have been a lot more captivating and engrossing, and more than likely would have boosted BLACK into the upper echelon of first-person shooters out there.








The level progression is fairly straightforward, giving Keller a primary objective and a number of secondary objectives. In order to move on to the next level on any difficulty setting, Keller will need to complete his primary objective. The number of secondary objectives required to continue will be determined by the difficulty level players select. The secondary objectives are generally concerned with gathering intel documents (in the form of folders) that might contain technical layouts to terrorist targets or schematics of some sort or another. Other secondary goals include destroying any laptops or safes that hold some useful information. These goals aren’t all too difficult to carry out, as they are more concerned with actually finding where the secondary objects are located rather than having to carry out some sort of involved task.





Just when we thought that the Xbox 360 had spoiled our appreciation for visuals on the Xbox, BLACK has come along and amazed us. Anyone familiar with what Criterion has done visually with the Burnout series knows they know a thing or two about jaw dropping graphics, but BLACK literally blows the doors in on everything they’ve done before.


All told, if Black was created to produce an adrenaline-induced euphoria of maddening guns going wild, then it is a total success. In the sequel, as the end of the story sets up.




I just wish you could run and gun more.


After re-evaluation on this game I have upgraded my original 3-ish on 5 to 4/5 pimps.


:pinch::bye::pimp: :pimp:

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Damn you, Newtype. You made me buy thiis. Goddamn you.



Gun madness.


I did. How did I do that.


On top of that. I have no idea if your happy or pissed off at me. Hard to say.


Yeah? hows it for PS2? shit, im almot outta hard drive space...


Looks almost like the X-box version.

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