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Now that Hondo's is all meainstream and shit, i say we use our creativity and muslce to show Hollywood how its done. Between my hackery and 2T's scrips, i think were sitting on a goldmine, Trebek. Ill get this party started.




Tunsis, the Driving Cat 2k


Here's a retro propety just collecting dust that, with an extreme makeover, street racing cars, Ludacris and Angelina Jolie's titties (for good measure), we could have everything from 2 Fast, 2 Curious to Up a fucking tree in 60 seconds and all kindsa straight-to-video Disney-style crap where quality isnt even a factor, because its for a bucnh of jerry's kids that'll just watch it 30 times a day and recite the lines. We could learn those kids a thing or two by changing the ending, somehow, every 10th time you watch it, promoting the purchase of a new security blanket Tunsis movie. Slap Hondo's links all over for good meausre.


I can do better, but not sober. Let's see what you got, people.

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