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Love, redefined


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omg that shit is hillarious!


major props nick..... now all i need is to get me some cash


time to conjure myself up a scheme for quick easy money...

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Anger! Sorry Chiefy, ill check my drive & see if its there or somethin, hopefully in temp internet files but i think it might be shockwave, which i cant seem to steal...argh.  I liked that one too, ill contact the site & see if theyre sellin it now or somethin.

For what its worth, it was funny as shit. Hey Chiefy, go check out "Pong: The Movie" on down in Q69Miner2049 The Edge, im sure youll like that one. :D

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I had hoped, when you were younger, that all the Fernandez smartass had worn off on TD; he seemed to have enough for generations.  I fear i was wrong....

very well smaratass, I tried that, and only got another streaming media file - if you do manage to save that/locate it in window's temporary internet files, feel free to let me know the file's name, i really do wanna keep it before its taken down again. :D

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