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Giant AnimEigo summer sale

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AnimEigo, badass company that they are is having a friggen summer blowout of a bunch of their shit. DVDs are running from $15 for some of their Samurai flicks (Like lady snowblood, and lone wolf and cub) to as low as $6 bucks a DVD on some of their anime (I just got all of Kimagure Orange Road for $70). These guys have some great classics on their site, so check it out.




Kimagure Orange Road

Bubblegum Crisis

AD Police

Riding Bean

Urusei Yatsura

Arcadia of my Youth (Harlock)

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Just picked up


Kimagure Orange Road + the movie with the 2 oavs


5 vols of Urusei Yatsura with the last 3 movies + all 6 OAVs


Next week a few more vols of Urusei Yatsura

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I will say to anyone who likes old school comedies, KOR is a must have, especially at $6 a DVD, the series is just clessic, and this is probably going to be the last time it will have a US release. AnimEigo is losing their rights to it next month.

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Each KOR OVA DVD contains 4 complete OVAs according to their site. How many dvd's for the 70 dollars? That is the complete collection? Any bootlegs online?



12 for the entire tv series, that's like 71 dollars or so IIRC, then the OAVs and the movie, are seperate, another 18 bucks for that set. So it's basically $90 for 56 episodes of KOR and a movie. That's hard to beat.


I dunno about bootlegs, but I'm usually against them as the quality usually sucks, and I do like to support good series here in the US.

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