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Muse are one of my favorite alt rock bands. The band has three members: Matthew Bellamy (singer, guitarist and keyboardist), Chris Wolstenholme (bassist) and Dominic Howard (drummer and percussionist). Bellamy is the principal songwriter and creative influence in the band, although some of the band's more recent material has also been credited to Wolstenholme and Howard.


While some describe them as a post-Britpop band, Muse staunchly deny such associations. The music which inspired them was not Britpop; they cite the influence of the American grunge music, combining such influences with the alternative and experimental approach of British. Whereas American rock bands tend to be more straightforward, Muse consider themselves to be a part of the large group of more "experimental" British rock bands.


Their latest album, Black Holes And Revelations hits shops soon....


its a great... the album is a beautiful addition to their brilliant collection so far...

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they are... they get even better live... but the new album is a lot spacier than the rest... its an Awesome direction theyre going... they dont however have an unintended/black out on this album though, there is an epic however "knights of cydonia" as an ender... brilliant song... im glad theres more muse fans out there... never thought they made it big across the pond however... all i can say is cool shit

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his range is Really shown off in the new album, and microcuts took a while to grow on me, but after megalomania its my favorite song on origin of symmetry, personally id have to go with blackout, butterflies and hurricanes or starlight....


as for matt bellamy himself, i think he is possibly one of the most talented men in the rock business.... the fact that he composed and wrote music for an entire string orchestra on absolution, went to so much intricite detail for how he wanted the things to sound, ie, for apocalypse please!, he made the drummer hit larger bass drums over a pool of water to get more of an epic boomy sound out of them.

things like that make the album just much better, knowing so much work has gone in to make it sound as good as possible

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Alright. At the forefront in my taste for music stands MUSE, miles and miles higher than any band I have ever heard in my entire life. Their music is just simply amazing in my eyes. As MH says, you knows it good shit when it makes you tingle all over... and, anyway, I love Muse. And you should too, that's all there is to it. :2T:


So, simply stated, Blackholes and Revelations came out yesterday in the states. Effing brilliant. That wasn't the first time for most of you to hear it, I'm sure; but in light of it being officially official, here are my eleven cents on the album. Mind, this isn't a review in most respects...:


(all of the proceedings x-posted from my MySpace, the place for friendables.)


Track 1) Take a Bow


An utterly amazing song to begin the album. A genuine rock opera that will paralyze you with its tingly vibes. Even with the first few lines of this song can you start to realize the message of the album... Matt Bellamy himself being a conspiracy addict (from what I've read), I can't help but feel he's sending me a message about our way of life, our country, and the people running it. Anyway, I recommend blaring this song in your car while driving down the freeway, windows down...though try not to close your eyes too much, unless you're the passenger...or aiming at the capitol building.


Track 2) Starlight


"Lets conspire to ignite all the souls that would die just to feel alive."


I love this song.


Track 3) Supermassive Black Hole


If any of you heard this song first, don't be afraid. The rest of the album is amazing, trust me.


Track 4) Map of the Poblematique


What I get from the lyrics of this song is that those of us who constantly strive to make something out of life seem to get nothing in the end. But it alludes to something bigger...a way out...as can be heard in the latter songs.


"No one thinks they are to blame. Why can't we see when we bleed we bleed the same?"


Track 5) Soldier's Poem


Am I wrong in thinking that most of these songs seem to be talking about America? Or at least seem to hit right at home, every time.


"How could you send us so far away from home when you know damn well that this is wrong."


"There's no justice in the world. There's no justice in the world and there never was."


Track 6) Invincible


Stand up for what you believe in. If you're an athiest (or a scientist, haha) and believe in nothing, then fucking make something out of your life. Its wasted if you don't try to change the world in the short time that you're here...


But, if we all believe in the same thing and stand up side-by-side, together we're invicible.


"Don't be afraid of what your mind conceives. You should amke a stand, stand up for what you believe."


"During the struggle they will pull us down. But please, please lets use this chance to turn things around."


Track 7) Assassin


"War is overdue. The time has come for you to shoot your leaders down...Oppose and disagree. Destroy demonocracy."


I feel it.


Track 8) Exo Politics


"As conspiracies unwind, will you slam shut or free your mind?"


Talks about aliens being the progenators of humanity. I don't deny it, never have. But if they come back, shall I fight them? Aliens have always creeped me out. I guess we'll see when the time arives. I'll wait for the sign.


Random Dowe fact-o: As a child, I would lose sleep over fear of alien abductions. No matter where I've slept since then, I always have to fall asleep facing the door, and can never have my bed against a window.


Track 9) City of Delusion


"Can I believe, when I don't trust? All your theories turn to dust." I can't even begin to describe how this song makes me feel. This album brings to light things I've been thinking about for a while...ever since I left my job. So I can't help but see that it appears he feels the same way..... Then I begin to wonder if there's going to be a cult uprising with Mr. Matt Bellamy and his crew at the center. Instead, put on your t-shirt ninja masks. We can conquer this.


Track 10) Hoodoo


"Come into my life, regress into a dream. We will hide and build a new reality. Drag another picture of the life you could've had. Follow your insticts, and choose the other path. You should never be afraid. You're protected, from the trouble and pain. Why, why is this a crisis in your eyes? Come to be...how did it come to be...tied to a railroad, no love to set us free. Watch our souls fade away, and our bodies crumbling. Don't be afraid, I will take the blow for you. I have had recurring nightmares, that I was loved for who I am, and missed the opportunity to be a better man."


I love you Matt, really. I mean it.


Track 11) Knights of Cydonia


"How can we win when fools can be kings? Don't waste your time or time will waste you."


NO ONE'S GONNA TAKE ME ALIIIIVE. The time has come to make things riight. YOU AND I MUST FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS. You and I must fight to surviiive.


I feel like I don't have to explain much more....the lyrics say everything. I just want to run and jump in to Matt's arms and start to build a better world for everyone. A better future, away from all of this bullshit. What bullshit? [insert BS here] -- everyone has their own beef with the world. Only we can end our own suffering. Lets take a stand, and not let fear, religion, or government "politics" get in our way. Build our own world. Together, we can accomplish anything. Overthrow any power and take our lives into our own hands. You should never be afraid to follow your instincts.....


More than anything this album has made me feel things I haven't in a long time. Invoked a much needed and necessary change. So please, go out, buy it, and listen for yourself.... For only five dollars more ($19.99) you can get a bonus Absolution Tour DVD with the entire Glastonbury '04 concert, and random heres and theres around Europe and America. Get it now!!


PS: Of course, me listing lyrics and praise can never do this album justice. You need to hear it for yourself...


edit: I forgot to bold Map of the Problematique. I'm nit-picky.

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Division of Joy!! I heard talk of rival fandom, haha. I'm not a very good fan, though, I must admit... I also heard you bought a guitar like one of Matt's? Which is it, I'd like to see pictures!!! PoD told me "its the one with the lights" -- and since I'm not too savvy on his equipment, this is the only one I knew of:


Muse - Assassin (live, Shephard Bush)


Amazing, too. I really wish I could see them this time 'round, but I'm afraid I'll have to miss it this year...... and: cue emo-dowe. :2T:



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Dowe, why didn't you post your thoughts on the new songs????



ha! Color me retarded. I didn't realize he had posted twice, and I saw the second one and was sad for a second... but it's there and it makes my heart sing like sunshine jelly!

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Oooo neeat. Very nice.


I've only seen them once, last May in Dallas. Cramped show...I can't wait to see them at a bigger venue. MH's friend Alan got to see their American Finalé show in Houston around the same time, and got backstage and everything.... He said Chris gave them energy drinks. x_x I've heard you've met 'em too? Raaah, only in my dreams.

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o_o ...like...how tiny? Haha.


I just realized he's the shortest of the three...but definitely the most talented. Have you seen him do the "guitar-riff, sidestep in a circle" bit?? Effing brilliant, and he makes it right back to the mic in the end.


Ooooh, good times. :2T:

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