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Yeah, so im a complete whore for old-school Nintendo, as many know. If i see a Link fucking bobblehead or those old Mario Bros comics or something, i go nuts and start looking for my wallet.


Here's some shit i thought was really really cool.








PaRappa skull cap (or whatever theyre called, you yank fucks)




Tetris shelves - im surprised this took this long to come out.




They aint cheap, but fuck woudl i get em if i could. You should see the Master Sword i got (not that one) - thanks again Newtype.


Jont, others, feel free to post those awesone NES belt buckles, Ipods & the like here if you dont mind.

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nah, thosere more accessories than paraphernalia, no? but theyre fair game. id just like to see cool uses posted here, like....OJ kills his wife, power glove found on scene, or, you know, somebody fucking shoots someone with a hollowed out Super Scope.


Or just cool, non-lethal gamer shit for sale somewhere. I wish that ebay store of game replicas was still up, they had shit like Dante's sword, the Kingdom Hearts keyblade, Cloud's Buster sword, all of that. It was really cool shit.


you know, come to think of it, i could prolly fashion a tatami mat out of an old power pad.


PS i cant get over how cool this is, but its gotta be doable for less than $120 a block...



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Wel, i really wish i had lots of the shwag I see here...all i really got are tons of rolled-up posters (some hangin in my room [DMC3, Viewtiful Joe 2]), um...my Resident Evil canteen and face mask. My PlayStation logo cap, a few Final Fantasy buttons, Viewtiful Joe bobble-heads, uh...i dunno just a crap-load of stuff i jacked from GameStop...Hey! i got an idea...i'll rummage around for stuff and make a sort of auction (not for munny or anything). ill try to figure something out. You just may win a sealed demo of Quake 3.





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I ain't read this thread and I don't plan to. I'm nervous just being in here and I don't plan to stick around.


I just wanted to let you brothas know that this paraphernelia shit can get you tossed into jail in some places, cuz they gots laws against pipes and shit too.




My buddy Montrose B is doing 18 months in a state pen even though he ain't actually had no ganja on him. Cops just found a bong under his desk at work.


Moderator, I know it' not the kinda thing you like to do, but I'd think seriously about deleting this thread if I was you... Before the 5-O shut this place down for aidin and abettin' or conspiracy or some shit.



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So much cool shit that's better to have than money.


Pong Coasters




I think this one was done by hand, and that's a shame, cause id buy that for a dollar.




Nothing says your PC's the shit like a stained glass Meatwad window.




Stress shrooms...




FF VII marketing finally crosses over to booze, where it belongs.




Mice, somehow:




and lasty, some international cellphone with a hidden joystick:



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:no: you people gayed up page 2.


Who you callin gay crackerzoid?


Lemm tell you I gets down wit da pussy.


Those times when I was in jail don't count! When a man is in the big house he gots to do whatever it takes to survive. Sometimes that means takin Bubba's 8 inch pole up your ass.


It's about survival. and the fact that I liked it doesn't change that.

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