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Man, Kotaku never runs dry on this shit.


Here's a universal remote, a la the Famicom controller:




Rubix cube art!




update: this, however, takes the cake. Wow.




Once more, cause uh, crochet is cool, somehow.




Mrs Pac-Man...on iPod!




Finally, some top-notch fan art.



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After Nick's last post it's kinda hard to put something that'll impress someone. But, these are some stuff that I found and liked it...



The Sonic Napkins













We finnish this post by going to have a pint in the Sega Bar in Germany...


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that's funny, i got an FF VIII one of Squall's gunblade at home, for the same purposes. even funnier when i think that ive got squall's Lionheart necklade and ring back there somewhere too, and FF VIII was like my least favorite of the series.

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I need to get pics of some of the swag I've got. Google is being useless right now.


First up is a set of 4 posters (I can only find three right now...hmm) from the E3 announcement of the original Xbox. Pretty badass. They're kinda beaten up...but I love them.


Next up is the Final Fantasy Advent Children cigarette holder/ashtray set. That one set me back about $20, and is just awesome.

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