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No 80's music collection is complete...


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Alright guys & gals.  Doing a little research for some golden oldies while at the same time analyzing people's taste in 80's music.


Now, this is not limited to 80's electronic music... I'm talking hair-spray metal bands, early hip-hop, anything goes.  We'll set the range from 1978 to 1992, please submit your top 5 choices and feel free to tell us why this song/band kicked so much ass.

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There was a whole bunch of good 80's music contrary to what some would beleive, so I've gotta give a couple of lists.

All of these are in no particular order:


80's bands


1. U2 - God damn, and they're still going strong today

2. Metallica - uh, not going so strong today...

3. Depeche Mode - Can't say enough about them

4. Cure - I don't see how they started the whole "goth"thing,  but hey, they kick ass

5.  Beastie Boys - Come on, they just kick ass.


Best 80's cds


1.  Joshua Tree - U2

2.  Master of puppets - Metallica

3.  Violator - Depeche mode

4.  Megadeth - Rust in Peace

5.  ...And Justice for all - Metallica


That's about all I can put in, there's a lot more good stuff, but that's what comes to mind now.

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Yup, tag on the Police & Micheal Jackson and that's most of my 80's shit too.

But I know Chiefy. He wants that 80's one hit wonder shit they sell late nights on TV, so here's a few:

-Level 42 -  Something about you (courtesy of Spiffytee)

-Modern English - I melt with you

-Naked Eyes - Always something there to remind me

-Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls

-New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle (fuck, they still play that shit in retro clubs alla time)

-The Alan Parsons Project - Eye in the Sky

-The Romantics - Talking in your Sleep

-Wham! - Everything she wants (the gayest band alive)

-Taco - Puttin' on the ritz

-Spandau Ballet - True (again, all Spiffytee)


...you get the idea. :D

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Umm, technically NIN and the smashing pumpkins started in the 80's... and I find a way to mention them in every music thread, so there you go.  Unfortunately tool started in the 90's... but ha! There! I mentioned them!  Punk was literally invented in the 80's by the Ramones and sex pistols, I just didn't include them because I don't listen to their stuff as much as thsoe I listed.  There was also all of that Sugar kill gang run dmc stuff that started off rap.  damn, there's a genre that's fallen pretty far...  And the best crappy techno-pop song of teh 80's is obviously the safetly dance.

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thought you meant cheezy 80's...old school rap? Nah, you dont know nothin bout that, mr Freestyle Johnny-O man.

Van Halen? Yeah, youre the man with them, i admit, ive heard ya play a lil bit.

But those rap ones....damn. that brings me back.

NWA & Public Enemy were huge back then - i had all their albums on cassette anyway.

But LL Cool J, the Fat Boys, and the kings of rap...Run DMC.  Shit hasnt been that cool in a long ass time.  

Slick Rick was the shit before he went to jail for, about, forever. Howzabout favorite songs, Chiefy?

LL Cool J - yeah you got one there, how bout Im that type of guy, Nightmare on my street, Around the Way girl..?

Run DMC - Tougher than Leather, You be Illin...so many.  And that's not countin "Walk this Way" with Aerosmith (another great band who stayed consistent in the 80's), and finally, their opus, Peter Piper.

More to come...




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I've been doing some research myself because I am convinced that there is no music collection complete without some 80's hits. It's some kind of flashback weird stuff that reminds me of some good moments spent in my past, and there are some songs worth a lot even at a musical concern.

I'm more in the mood of electric-rock classics, so here is what I've found:


Cutting Crew: Died in your arms tonight

Breakfast Club: Don't you forget about me

???: Send me an Angel

Starship: We built this city

Genesis, Land of Confusion

Europe: Final Countdown

Survivor: Eye of the Tiger

Eagles: Hotel California

Billy Joel: We didn't start the fire

Dire Straits: Money for nothing

A-ha: Take on me

Gerry Rafferty: Baker Street

Whitesnake: Here i go again on my own

???: Video Killed the radio stars

Romantics: Talking in your sleep


I'm not sure if I have included some early 90's stuff in here, so if anyone finds some, please open my eyes.

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2.)SOUNDGARDEN people (i believe late 80's early 90's)

3.) and DURAN DURAN of course

4.)Depeche Mode

5.)Culture Club

6.)The Police

7.)Sex  Pistols (i believe late 70's early 80's)


9.)  BILLY IDOL.. (swoon) (and not just white wedding, eyes without a face.. come on now..)

10.) Cheap Trick

11.) Biz Markie

12.)Pat Benetar

13.)Joan Jett

14.) Van Halen (w/Diamond Dave of Course)

15.) New York Dolls

16.) Pixies are rather good too...

17.) The Runaways (lita ford, joan jett, etc)

18.) Prince

19.) Sinead OConnor

20.) and PAULA ABDUL,, the 80's wouldn't have been the 80's without paula abdul...


and so many others, and of course soundtracks to John Hugh's movies


this is actually  helpful as well, for my 18th b-day my friend becky and i are having a joint "child of the 80's" party which is going to  be an intirely 80's themed..it's gonna be kickass... but i think between becky and i we have enough 80's compilations to keep the party going for at least 2 days..

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I thought the Police, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran Pixies etc were assumed..

Biz Markie...ha, "You say he's just a friend.."


I think Soundgarden was early 90s, and why does everyone like Culture Club? :ill:

Prince sucked, ill go with Kevin Smith & say Morris Day & The Time were cooler, even tho they lost out.  Sinead was never cool, and Paula Abdul...:D...lets just say she's a whore.

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hey i like sinead o connor


do you not like her because she tore up a pic of the pope irish?


and prince, i really don't dig him as much as i dig his songwriting..conicidentially..he wrote "nothing compares to you.."


paula abdul, come on HOW COULDN'T YOU LIKE PAULA ABDUL she was my idol when i was about 5...


and nobody said which ones were a given. (i.e. police, depeche mode, billy idol , etc. etc.)

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Youre right, i just assume theyre givens, m'self.

Nah, the pope-picture thing was funny, kinda poor taste but funny.  Even her battle to get Ireland pro-choice was amusing, i just thought everyone was a fan of this huge wanker.

Prince, i guess i can understand if you say ya like just his music, i know many others'd agree.

Paula...was a childhood crush who ...im not gettin into this one.  I assure you, i have my reasons.

...whore! :D

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Step into a world...

As for Digital Underground, i used to fuckin love them, even outside the Humpty Dance.  All Around the World (Same Song), DoWhatYalike, Kiss you back...ah.


Heavy D too, tho my favorite song was "I got nothin but love" (for obvious reasons).

Not a Megadeth fan, tho i went to a concert of theirs.  And George Clinton & Funkadelic Parliament...One Nation, Atomic Dawg & alla that cool shit, wasnt that 70's?

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No I didn't mean Billy Joel's music was early 90's... but that song, We didn't start the fire, that was early 90's.  Now... you had Uptown Girl, which is a classic.  You had Big Shot, which is another great one




ok, i'm good.  yeah, we're (uh my family anyway) huge billy joel fans, my mom's got his records (as in you know VINYL people) and i've got my 'essential billy joel'... i love anthony's song, damn, great song.  :D

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