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No 80's music collection is complete...


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Everyone missed that Juanbe put Hotel California on an 80's list. Hotel California was '76. As i can always find some way to bring it up, I'm sure anyone who's read anything else I've posted knows I'm going to bring Rush in to this. Now I prefer 70's Rush, but it's all sooo good. Other's include the Police, U2, REM, the Cars, Prince, Tom Petty, and the B-52's.

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It took me ages to compile a list for the other music threads, sorry still working at it! In the meantime you were talking about INXS...


Q) What's the difference between Manchester United And INXS?


A) Manchester United can still play Giggs!

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How can you say Devo was a one hit wonder? No there stuff may not of been clogging up the charts but they released more albums than you've had hot dinners.


For anybody interested I would recommend going straight to the Devo Anthology, 'Pioneers who got Scalped'. Classic stuff. You will not be disappointed.

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What the fuck does it matter if they are a one hit wonder or not? You have to remember that some music matures with time, the question being asked is 'No 80's music collection is complete without...'


My personal opinion is that both Devo and Rush are shite, with Rush being more shiter!


Back to the question...

I can't be arsed doing another list at the moment after all, but my top choice anyway would be The Stone Roses debut album of the same name (1989), essential!

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New edition

Little river band

Air supply

Zapp and Roger (computer love)

sugar hill gang


stevie wonder (part time lover)

the commedors

Chaka Kahn



Cindy Laupur  (spelling.)   (I dont' care)

Pat Bennitar

Atlantic star

soft cell



someone said culture club right?

Milli Vanilli

Al Jarreau

Andy Gibb

Jeffeory Osburn

Quiet Riot

Twisted sister

Phill Collins

Elton John

Adom Antt


I can't think of anymore off hand.

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Ok, i'll admit whether or not they are one-hit wonder isn't imporant, but of ALL the 80's, that's your FAVORITE? And by "a long way"? Just seems odd. And going on about Geddy Lee's voice is such a typically stupid reason to hate Rush. If I ever hear anyone say they hate Rush it's always becasue of one of two reason. Either thay say "That guy's voice sucks" or "Prog sucks". I typically find people who don't like Geddy Lee's voice have no problem with Led Zeppelin or Guns N' Roses or Motley Crue (all of whom have singers with similar voices). I'll admit, it does take a little time for his voice to grow on you, but he is an amazing and versitalle vocalist with a range to impress. Rush's music is so rich and textured, you'd be surprised how a typical voice doesn't accompany it as well. And as for prog sucking, progressive just means a sense of puting emphasis on creativity and musicanship and apposed to convention and commerialism, breaking away from the standard verse-chorus-verse-chorus song structure, and sometimes using an entire album as a canvas to paint an epic story or maybe a consistant theme. If you think that sucks, there's certainly no hope for you. Go listen to Blink or Bizkit.

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I feel no need to explain myself. I love DEVO. I feel what they did was create music that no one else in the 80's could touch for creativity. You describe prog rock as breaking structures, DEVo did that as much as the next band. Fraid this is another situation wher we are going to have to agree to disagree.

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1) Stone Roses - i only heard "Fool's Gold" and "Love Spreads", liked both, but the latter's better of the two i think.

2) Yeah, Micheal oughta be a given. I get tired of defendin a guy who's so damn talented, and its just trendy to bash 'im so many get in on it.

3)Wait, wait....for one, G & R's Axl's voice does go high, but if that annoyed ya, there was always Slash.

And comparin Robert Plant's voice isnt even right, he had way more range and sounded a lot less like an angry dyke.  Dont wanna jump all over a band youre obviously fond of here, but cmon, Zeppelin crapped more talent.

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Rush is right up there with Zeppelin as far as quality is concerned. Tons of early rush was very zeppelinesque. When they first got radio play with 'Working Man', people called into radio stations to ask when the new Led Zeppelin album was coming out because the new song sounded really good. I think Working Man sounds more like Black Sabbath, but I could understand the confusion. And you can draw many comparsions between the two. Bother very drum intensive, both could write really long songs that were really good (Rush could write a longer song and still keep it good, but Zep had more success with it). I see Zep as a Rush that made it big with the masses, which makes sense, lots of Rush stuff is so way over the heads of most people. But my point was if Robert Plant's voice doesn't bother you, neither should Geddy Lee's.

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And you slagged my list in the 90's thread?!? Milli Fuckin' Vanilli, the singing on thier records were'nt even their own! LOL. Al Jarreau, Elton John, Phil Collins, etc, I'm surprised you never included Peter Cetera! No offence and it is your list and everything, but apart from the Sugarhill Gang, your list is the worst i have seen! :plain:


And Jack, i wasn't dissin' prog, just Rush. You make it sound like they invented it or something! And just because i think Rush are shite certainly doesn't mean i listen to Bizkit or Blink whatever, steady yourself now!

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Who the fuck is Rush.


Haha...straight to the point, thats a trip.  The answer is "a poor, poor, handjobs-for-crack man's Led Zeppelin", apparently.

I know its musical tastes here & its all subjective, tryin to respect that, but the only way im sayin "Zeppelin" and "Rush" in the same sentence is in context of "Jimmy Page once took a shit just like..." or somethin.  

Cmon, be fair.  There's folks & their groups here - Kee digs Prince as i recall, Junker digs Bone thugs, etc - that i personally tihnk are crap, theyve been done better by better people, etc, but i can acknowledge that its prolly just me.  Take Pink Floyd or the Grateful Dead; theyve got massive fan followings, but i m'self might find em kinda ineterestin, but no big deal; again, im pretty sure its just me.

Not like KISS - nothin to do with me, they just fuckin suck.

My point bein: I could go on & on bout how great, say, Notorious B.I.G. was, how i think he kicks the shit outta rap these days, and while many'd agree, i wouldnt say "He's on par with/better than Run DMC", as they were pioneers/innovators, it's just not right to do so.

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Yeah, while I like Rush, and I agree that lots of people hate em because they don't bother listening to them, I won't even think about saying they're in the same league as zepplin.  I get what you mean about the voices being somewhat similar, sure, that's a halfway decent comparison, point being the singer is good once you get used to his style, but while you can point out some similarities, you can't say Rush is anywhere near zepplin.  I love the pumpkins (another band taht gets criticized for having a unique singer) but I'm not gonna say they're up there with the beatles or anything.

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