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This is sort of a new thing for me. I didnt start listening to Japanese music 'til last year. So i dont know many singers and/or bands but, seeing that i dont see any posts on the subject, i though id make one. the following are some of my favorites.


Before anything else, lemme say that if any of you do listen to this stuff, post what u got. Im always lookin for somethin new.

Thus far i have grown to love Asian Kung-Fu Generation. these guys are like a Pop-Punk band that caught my ear before anyone. Some of their more popular singles include:



Haruka Kanata

Mirai No Kakera

Reraito (Rewrite)


FLOW- These guys are just a fun group. They have a very Ska-Punk feel that is almost party-like. Some of their singles are:







UVERworld - I hated these guys at first...i dont know what it was. but i know it had to do with BLEACH. OH yeah, they were the second band on the BLEACH intros and i was in love with the first groups song.(Orange Range -*Asterisk) But i eventually came to LOVE thse guys. which is werid cuz they're SO fuckin POP. And i cant stand too much POP. But these prolly the only exception. i know its all because of BLEACH that i like thses guys now...damn thats a good show. Anywho, here are some of their singles:





Colors of the Heart


Look these guys up...lend them your ears...see(or hear) what u think. i'd share these singles with you, but the one site i used to get everything from went down U__U. i also wish i could upload them somehow, but i dont know how to. Anyway...go find, listen then post!

i'd post more ppl and bands up, but carpal tunnel is not leting me.

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