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God Is an Astronaut

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God is an Astronaut sounds like a band name that would belong to a three chord garage band from America, rather than a dreamy chill-out lo-fi threepiece from Dublin. It’s not ‘dancey’ enough to be called dance music, and yet while dabbling generously in electronica at times, it offers a much fuller sound than the brittle sparsity and atmospheric minimalism we’ve come to expect from the genre. What we get in return is a much more melodic and immediate record. Title track, The End of the Beginning, weighs in with a swirling ethereal opening before it’s direction is pinned down by throbbing beats and a melodic guitar line.


A lot of thanks to crimsonfire for introducing me to them.

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That gig made me feel so good it should be classified as a narcotic.


Dazzling visual show and entrancing music. Does anything sound trippier?


They also have their pulse racing moments without being metal or even remotely rock. A quality band that everyone EVERYWHERE should know about and listen to!!!!

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Third time seein them last night. HOLY CRAP! They are truly an aural orgasm.


I really think they should get more recognition but then im also afraid of them selling out and sounding rubbish in 4 albums time.


[shameless plug]me and ross may be visible in the crowd on their dvd (it was being recorded at the show last night)[/shameless plug]

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Me and Doj goin to see em here again on Friday. Yay!


Heres some tour dates for these guys that may interest some Hondonians:




Garfield Artworks - 4931 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15224, USA - Friday March 7th


Beat Kitchen - 2100 West Belmont Ave , Chicago, IL 60618, USA - Friday March 9th


Middle East Upstairs - 472 Massachusetts Ave. , Cambridge MA 02139, USA - Friday March 19th


Maxwell's - 1029 Washington Ave. , Hoboken NJ 07030, USA - Friday March 20th





Hoxton Bar & Kitchen - London, United Kingdom - Thursday April 17th


Norwich Arts Centre - St. Benedicts Street, Norwich, Norfolk - Friday April 18th


The Brudenell Social Club - Leeds, United Kingdom - Saturday April 19th


Tumbledown - Farnborough, United Kingdom - Sunday April 20th

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