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Pi-ARR-ates of the Ca-ARR-ibbean Pa-ARR-t 2!

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Saw this one. Some morning DJ i overhe-ARR-d said it best: Two and half hours well-wasted. Lots of fun, lots of g-ARR-eat ch-ARR-acters and action sequences, suff-ARR-s from a few problem he-ARR and the-ARR, p-ARR-ticul-ARR-ly in the beginning. Has a M-ARR-trix Reloaded clifhang-ARR ending.


You'll like it if your liked the first one.







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Avast, ignore any bad reviews you've seen, Dead Man's Chest is better than the first movie.


There's a few slow parts, but you can be guaranteed that something amazingly stupid is about to happen any second, great effects, cartoonish action, lot of fun, the plot's not too hard to follow, still a bit weak in places, but you wont care why things are happening, you'll just be happy they are.

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By the way, was it just me or did anyone else expect someone to suddenly yell "It's El Pollo Diablo, run for your lives!" or maybe Davey Jones to suddenly go "Bring me that boy and the key... and get me MORE SLAW!" I was also thinking there should at least have been a cameo by Guybrush Threepwood. Ah well.

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Well, you can always hold out hope of Pirates 3.


I'm not sure if I'd say it was better than the first. The first one had a really tight in the polt, action, character...this one suffered from pacing problems in a few spots, especially the beginning...basically, the first one, for me, never slowed down, this one did in parts. Still great, and Davy Jones was awesome. Can't wait for Keith Richards in the next one.

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While I definitely wouldn't say it was better than the first one, I did love the movie. Comparisons to The Matrix Reloaded are apt in the ways it upped the stakes and set things up for the third movie (also in the way it had an almost nonsensical and rambling plot). While I personally would have preferred a more episodic, non-linear Pirates series, if they really wanted to go the epic route at least they're doing a good job of it. Can't wait to see how they resolve all the cliffhangers next year.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007)


Writing credits (in alphabetical order)

Ted Elliott written by

Terry Rossio written by


Cast (in credits order)

Johnny Depp .... Jack Sparrow

Orlando Bloom .... Will Turner

Keira Knightley .... Elizabeth Swann

Geoffrey Rush .... Barbossa

Jonathan Pryce .... Governor Weatherby Swann

Bill Nighy .... Davy Jones

Chow Yun-Fat .... Captain Sao Feng :)

Tom Hollander .... Lord Cutler Beckett

Stellan Skarsgård .... 'Bootstraps' Bill Turner

Kevin McNally .... Joshamee Gibbs

Jack Davenport .... Commodore James Norrington

Naomie Harris .... Tia Dalma

Mackenzie Crook .... Ragetti

Greg Ellis .... Lieutenant Groves

Lee Arenberg .... Pintel

Martin Klebba .... Marty

David Bailie .... Cotton

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Interesting but brief conversation with a (female) co-worker.


her: I did think Kiera Kinghtley was a bitch though.


me: Yeah, but he[Jack Sparrow] probabally did deserve it.


her: No I mean for snogging them both.

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