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Best Non-Beatles British Invasion Band


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Ok, i didn't think that the term british invasion needed a definition, but British Invasion is a special term for all the british bands that got on the US pop charts after the Beatle opened the doors. Before the Beatles, Britian had lots of great bands, but none were ever able to make it big in the US. Many british record labels were trying to find a band that could make it big across the pond because it was such a big untapped market. After the beatles made it big, ther was a huge influx of british bands in the US, and the British Invasion refers to the one that did this before psychadelic made it big (1964-1967). Blur, Oasis, and Ash don't fit the catergory (even Led Zeppelin is too contemporary).

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The Rolling Stones are untouchable (especially with those competitors), in terms of both success AND influence.


Jagger is the prototype for what would become the rock & roll frontman, with Keith and Ron Wood serving as the guitar-playing "characters" of the band. Little Steven once said "There are good rock & roll bands and bad rock & roll bands, but they're all trying to be The Stones," and I totally agree with that. It's amazing how much was ripped off of them, like how much rap and hip-hop came from James Brown. But that's another discussion.


...And The Monkees weren't a British Invasion band. They were an American band with a British singer, who didn't even do lead vocals all the time. I still dig their music, and think that their movie HEAD is probably the craziest shit I've ever seen.

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